The 8 People You'll See on the Slopes

Which one are you?

Everyone's got a type...especially once they hit the snow. But which one are you? You've met every one of 'em at some point: the calls-out-sick-every-weekend dude, the lodge-selfie-taker (no shame in the game), the earth warrior type. You've probably even been a few of them. Check our list, and tell us what we missed!

1. Weekend, shmeekend. You’re hitting the slopes all season long and you’re gonna look good doin’ it. Just grab one of Quicksilver’s coolest new jackets for some swag and hop on Volkl’s updated M5 Mantra skis. Now in their fifth generation, these skis keep their ride-in-any-condition toughness while the lighter weight gives you a confident ride all winter long. Work can wait until after these next few runs. There’s probably wi-fi at the resort, right?

2. You keep the environment in mind whether you’re at home or on a board so it’s no surprise that you’re picking the most environmentally conscious gear that you can find. Picture Organic is a big win, since it uses recycled plastic bottles to make their (incredibly stylish) snow apparel, and Patagonia’s environmentally friendly reputation precedes them. Waterproof, breathable, and sweat-wicking, your gear performs for you while helping protect our environment one jacket at a time. Did we mention Capita’s snowboards are made in a 100% hydro-powered facility?

"Rain or shine" is your life motto when it comes to hitting the slopes. Where there is a ski lift running, there will be a ski run happening, so you gotta be prepared for it all. The Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Shell and Arc’Teryx Iser pants (both made with trusty Gore-Tex) will keep any water out while keeping the warmth in. A little rain means that you’ll have the lift and the mountain practically to yourself, so have a little extra fun with our rental Sports Skis.

You don’t need a luxury ski resort with gold skis and 5 star lodge lunches to feel fabulous in Tahoe! Spyder’s Falline Faux Fur Jacket adds a touch of luxe to your look while Helly Hansen’s Bellissimo pants are fitted and fab. Those Black Crows Captis Birdie skis not only ride smoothly, they’ll add a pop of color so anyone on the lift will definitely be watching you gracefully glide down the mountain. Plus, you can still have a fancy hot toddy after your ski runs.

Multifunctional is your middle name. This thing is three jackets in one and you’re gonna yell it from the mountains...literally. The North Face’s Alligare Thermoball Triclimate is going to keep you comfortable all season no matter what the conditions are (or where you happen to be). Is it a snow jacket? Shell? Or a down jacket? The answer is yes. The Straight Six pants will take you from charging down the mountain to charging into work on a rainy day. 

After you totally got the hang of the whole pizza, french fry thing (and made sure it was recorded to your Instagram), you’ve gotta take a break at the lodge. Maybe you’ll take some cool pics to switch up your profile picture. If anything was made for taking pictures it’s The North Face’s new Shredromper Bib. I mean, come on, it has toucans on it! It’s a crime not to be photographed in it. Just make sure to take off your goggles so your phone doesn’t photobomb your selfie.

Of course, you’re going to spend some time on the lift, but some days you’re just more of a sledder than an on-the-slope-er. Our Basic Apparel package has you covered no matter how you’re playing in the snow. And when you’re off the mountain, The North Face’s Chilkat Nylon boots keep your socks dry while you’re building snowmen and give your feet traction on icy surfaces while you’re getting more wood for the cabin fireplace.

You’re here for one reason and one reason only: to shred. Your gear looks great but it needs to perform even better. Picture Organic’s Exa Jacket is extremely water resistant thanks to its DryPlay PFC-free membrane and it keeps you warm while wicking away moisture thanks to their Thermal Dry System. Arc’Teryx Sentinel pants with Gore-Tex protect your lower limbs from moisture while giving you room to add layers. And we won’t even get you started on the Salomon X Pro 90 ski boots that fit and feel like a dream because of the 3D performance liner. It’s going to be a great ski season.

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