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Thank you for supporting your local Sports Basement! Got questions about your purchases, rentals, or returns? We’ve got answers. Wanna know more about our store hours and safety measures? Those answers live here too.

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In-Store Safety Requirements & Information


 All stores are fully open.  

Please check our stores page for the most up-to-date hours.

  • Masks must be worn at all times by any unvaccinated staff and customers. This includes children 2 years and older. Masks are available to purchase for $2 if needed.
  • We are no longer metering or checking temperatures at the door, but we ask that if you're feeling ill, please stay home and shop our website instead!
  • Our sanitation stations remain in place throughout the store.
  • Unvaccinated customers and staff should keep 6 feet of distance between you, staff, and other guests while shopping and in line.
  • Use our UV lightboxes in our snow goggle and sunglasses areas for disinfecting after try-ons.
  • We are accepting returns for both retail and online purchases.
  • Fitting rooms are available.
  • Our public restrooms are available.
  • We accept and encourage all forms of contactless payment. Contactless payment methods we accept include credit & debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and credit card “tap-to-pay”.


  • All skis, boards, poles and bindings are cleaned after each use. Goggles are washed with soap and water between uses, boots and helmets are cleaned with Vital Oxide and all apparel is laundered by our staff in our industrial washing machines with special detergents provided by Ecolab.
  • Walk-in, reservation and return lines are separated by at least six feet and individually demarcated for easy social distancing.
  • The rentals department in all stores has been expanded to allow for social distancing.
  • Rental registers are protected by Plexiglass shields.
  • Staff and customers are required to wear masks at all times (and must follow all other in-store safety procedures as well).
  • Sanitizer stations are located within each rental department.
  • If lines become too long for safety, we will utilize a waitlist app to avoid congestion in the rentals area. When maximum capacity is reached in the rental department, new customers will be put on a waitlist and will be called back to rentals when we are ready for them. Once started, customers will proceed through all steps with no additional waiting.

Reserving online is the fastest, safest way to secure your rentals! Worried about closures due to weather or COVID? We've got you covered: read more about our Risk-Free Rentals.

Curbside Pickup Information

  1. Order your items on our website (look at that, you're on our website right now!)
  2. Select the curbside pickup location closest to you during checkout.
  3. If you buy a bike, you'll receive an additional email with a quick questionnaire. A bike mechanic will contact you if needed for any follow-up.
  4. You will receive an email letting you know that your order is ready for curbside pickup. It may come from a private email address, so be sure to check your spam!
  5. Drive to the store you selected for curbside pickup. Park your car in the designated curbside pickup spot in front of the store and call the number provided in your email when you arrive.
  6. A staffer will come out and hand you your purchase, or place your bike at the bike rack. We ask that unvaccinated customers wear their masks for their safety as well as our own.
  • What safety precautions are you taking with curbside pickup?
    • All unvaccinated staff wear masks and gloves at all times during order fulfillment, including building bikes.
    • Staff are able to work fulfillment only if they have no sick or at-risk family members at home.
    • Staff follow CDC guidelines regarding disinfecting surfaces and hand-washing throughout the day.
  • What time can I come to pick up my curbside order?
    You can pick up your curbside order at any time during store hours: Monday through Friday: 11am-7pm. Weekends: 9am-5pm. Just call the number provided when you arrive.
  • Can I buy/return/exchange other items when I come to pick up my curbside order?
    We cannot add extra items or switch out items on your curbside pickup order. However, all of our stores are fully open, so you can come into the store to make purchases on your own. We also accept returns for all departments (including rentals) at this time. Be sure to follow our safety precautions carefully when you enter the store.

Web Order Safety & Information

  • Where is my order?
    As soon as we do ship your order you will receive an email with a UPS tracking number, and the email will detail which items have shipped. In an effort to get items to you faster, we may send multiple packages per order. If you haven't received an email and you'd like more specific answers about your order, you can always contact us via email at
  • What safety precautions are you taking with web orders?
    • We fulfill all web and curbside pickup orders with as few staff as possible, to minimize risk.
    • Staff each have their own workstations, computer, packing materials, and equipment to work off of in order to pack up your order safely.
    • All unvaccinated staff must wear a mask at all times while inside a Sports Basement property (stores, fulfillment areas, etc).
    • Staff are strictly adhering to CDC guidelines for hand washing and surface disinfecting,
    • Only staff that do not have any COVID19 health risks in their household (70+, immune-compromised) are approved to work.
  • Is there a way to call/chat you about my order?
    Email is our best bet right now, and you can email us at You can also call us at 800-869-6670.
  • Do you offer returns for online purchases?
    Yes! You can email us to request a return label at Return shipping costs a $7 flat fee. You will receive an email once your return is processed. We can also process returns at your local store for free - please follow all safety precautions listed above if you decide to visit.
  • How do I use my gift card on the website?
    To use your gift card for an online order, please email your gift card number to We'll take care of ya.
  • How do I return my rental items?
    You can return your rental items at your local Sports Basement store location. Please follow all safety precautions when you do. 
  • What if I have lift tickets I want to return?
    We can offer you a refund if you have your receipt, and can offer you store credit if you don't have a receipt, but those transactions must be done in-store due to website limitations. If you do choose to visit your local Sports Basement for this return, please be sure to follow all safety precautions.

Staff Safety

  • We are bringing back only the minimum amount of staff needed to operate our stores and web fulfillment - all other staff are working from home.
  • Staff with high-risk household members will continue to work from home.
  • All unvaccinated staff are required to wear masks 100% of the time while in any Sports Basement property (this includes break rooms and bathrooms).
  • Staff are strictly adhering to CDC guidelines for hand washing and surface disinfecting.
  • Staff break rooms follow CDC guidelines for restaurant and food establishments.
  • Only staff that do not have any COVID19 health risks in their household (70+, immune-compromised) are approved to work.

Community Love

  • We've donated nutrition to local hospitals & clinics on the frontlines. Learn more here.
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Sports Basement Outdoors

Ensure hand sanitizing solution is readily available and used frequently. Participants are encouraged to bring their own and a small, travel sized bottle will be provided to every client.

Whenever possible 6 foot social distancing is still recommended. This can create some challenges with parties traveling through tight spaces. Guides will dictate options in these situations. When in doubt, masks on!

A face covering (mask, buff, bandana) is required as it can limit the spread of droplets. When social distancing is unavoidable for safety reasons, guides and participants must have a face covering. If clients arrive without face coverings, one will be provided. Social distancing and face coverings are particularly important during the trip as increased exertion may increase the aerosolization of viral particles.

Only those who are members of the same household should share tents. This distinction is important - a household is those that live together - not just members of the same family. Questions will be raised about those who travel together. If they have been together for 14 days - a quarantine period - they could be considered household. If they have not been together for that length of time - they could be tent-mates given they have already been exposed to each other, but must continue social distancing with the rest of the group.

For backpacking trips, standard water purification strategies should be employed. If using a shared water source for distributing water, steps should be taken so there is no physical contact between individual bottles and the source.

In addition to the standard risk liability waiver, an additional COVID-19 waiver will be required for all participants, accepting the inherent risks of backcountry activities (lack of immediate medical services and sanitation) and the potential that rescue operations could be delayed or impossible, given the current regional situation.This will be provided upon arrival.

All clients will receive an additional digital COVID-19 Questionnaire 2-3 weeks prior to the trip. Clients should not be on a trip if they have come in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days or if they develop any fever or flu-like symptoms during the 14 days prior to the trip. The questionnaire will be resent during the week prior to the trip to ensure there have been no changes.

As testing becomes more available, we encourage clients to be tested at least a week prior to the trip, then to quarantine post test and limit exposure as much as possible. during travel to the trip start.

Upon arrival at the starting location, all clients will be re-asked questionnaire questions and have their temperature checked with a digital thermometer. Clients with a temperature of over 100.5 degrees of higher will not be allowed to participate in the trip. Clients can transfer to another date or receive a partial refund (minus 20%).

As some strenuous portions of the trip may require wearing a face mask, we recommend clients do as much training as possible with a mask, to acclimate your lungs to a reduced oxygen intake. Additionally, for backpacking trips, with the reduction in shared gear options, and an increase in sanitation items, we recommend increasing the weight of your training pack to prepare for the potential of a heavier pack on the trip. With quarantine issues related to being active and getting on trails, we are also encouraging participants to find any method of physical and endurance training possible, to ensure they can safely and enjoyably complete the trip.

Due to risk of contamination, clients should refrain from carpooling with other trip participants.They should avoid utilizing public transportation to arrive at the trip start location, whenever possible.

Gear will need to be closely monitored, only utilized by guides, and cleaned as thoroughly as possible between uses. Sufficient diluted bleach and sanitizing wipes will be available for all trips to clean group gear.

For backpacking trips, breakfast and dinners meals will proceed as planned, however, lunch meals, which require a significant amount of shared containers and utensils, will NOT be provided. Clients will need to provide their own, individually portioned lunches and snacks. For meal service, only one guide will handle the utensils and dishing out meals. Sharing of any meals or snacks outside your family group is prohibited. For other trips, pre-packaged lunch options will be available.

Whenever possible, clients should self care for minor injuries like scrapes, abrasions and blisters. Participants should supply their own common supplies like bandaids, athletic tape, ibuprofen, etc. In the absence of participant first aid items, multiple guide first aid kits will be available as a resource. Individual guides will have sole access to their first aid kits and either use gloves or hand sanitizer before handling any supplies provided to clients.

  • In the event that first aid must be administered by a guide, both client and guide will wear protective face masks and the guide will wear sterilized gloves.
  • In the event of life threatening injuries, guides will immediately prioritize injuries and evacuation procedures, while taking as many COVID precautions as possible.

If a client (or guide) demonstrates fever or flu-like illness concerning for COVID-19, they will be immediately (but safely) isolated from the other participants. A separate tent, evacuation plan, etc. If it is a client and they require evacuation, a guide will need to be assigned to them to evacuate from the trip. This guide will not interact with other members of the group. Upon visiting a healthcare center, appropriate COVID testing is recommended for the person in question and, if positive, the guide will need appropriate testing in addition to entering quarantine before returning to work.

  • Regional Healthcare. Clients should be aware of regional healthcare infrastructure and accessibility, or lack thereof, in the vicinity of Yosemite National Park (YNP). Sports Basement will defer to YNP’s operating and evacuation procedures for individuals that develop COVID symptoms after arrival in YNP (will defer to ranger recommendations). All trips equipped with Satellite radio text communication.