serving the Bay Area since 1998

serving our community since 1998

Sports Basement locations are a hub for local clubs, non-profits, and corporate partners. We host over 7,000 events a year, which shakes down to about 20 events per day around the Bay! Our stores transform into whatever the community needs them to be: meeting halls, call centers, movie theaters, art galleries, yoga studios, we've even been a wedding venue! We want to see your perspective and how we can meet you there.

But through it all, Sports Basement has thrived because of YOU: the Bay Area communities that support us. We strive to help those communities shine a little brighter, be a little greener, and make our shared outdoor spaces more fun and accessible for everyone. At the end of the day we know that your gear is more than just stuff, and we're more than just a store.

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Join the Basementeers

Our Basementeers are so much more than customers. They're Bay Area locals that love the outdoors and love giving back to the community just as much as we do. Every purchase a Basementeer makes comes at 10% off, and 10% of profits from that purchase goes back to the Bay Area non-profit or school that they chose. No points. No waiting. Just saving and giving.

Beneficiary spotlight: LandPaths

Established in 1996, LandPaths is a nonprofit community conservation organization with the mission of fostering a love of the land in Sonoma County.

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Our ongoing campaign to diversify the outdoor industry starts right here at Sports Basement. As our President and CEO Eric Prosnitz says, "We unequivocally condemn racism. We unquestionably stand with protestors all over the Bay Area and the world who seek an end to racism in all its manifestations."

The sports basement field guide

Our staffers are completely amazing. Not only are they experts in their fields of outdoor expertise, they're nice enough to write about their adventures and share their knowledge with us all, right here in our Field Guide. Subscribe to our Friday Field Guide emails to get the latest content for the activities you love, including local adventure ideas, the minute they're published (hint: they're published on Fridays).

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Community events

We may still be in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn't mean that your health and well-being are on pause! We're hosting a ton of virtual workout classes every week, as well as awesome virtual Q&A events with big name athletes and experts. Don't miss out!