BOTE Zeppelin Aero 10' Classic Inflatable Kayak Demo
BOTE Zeppelin Aero 10' Classic Inflatable Kayak Demo
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The Zeppelin Aero 10′ Classic is the perfect vessel to hold you and all of your gear for a trip on the water. This pint-sized Zeppelin packs a punch and brings all the features. Load it up with a cooler and a dry bag, paddle out to the sandbar and kick back with your friends, or throw a kid in the front and take them on a cruise. 3-chamber construction provides a wide base and recessed deck for a lower center of gravity, keeping both paddler and gear high and dry. AeroBOTE construction allows BOTE inflatable kayaks to transform from folded up travel bag into a fully functional kayak in minutes, great for any adventure! Rental includes a paddle.

  • MAGNEPOD™'s revolutionary, tool-less drink retention system that utilizes magnets to make securing your beverage a snap
  • Slide-in Rac Receivers make it even quicker to get out on the water with your favorite accessories
  • Two rac receivers in the rear of the Zeppelin allows for a Bucket Rac to be installed when in solo configuration
  • Velcro paddle straps allow for paddles and other equipment to be safely secured
  • Utilizing gravity and momentum the kayak can rid of unwanted water by draining through the stern
  • Redesigned to be the most comfortable Grab Handle. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board
  • Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear
  • Tie down points on the deck pad are perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear)
  • Compatible with high pressure pumps capable of connecting to HR valves
  • The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction
  • Accessory mounting points allow for any 1/4:20 accessory attachment, found atop the kayak
  • Dimensions: 10′ L × 38″ W × 10″ D
  • Capacity: 300 LBS
  • Avg. Weight: 37.5 LBS
  • Travel Bag Dimensions: 38.7″ H × 18″ W × 11″ D
  • Loaded Bag Weight: 46 LBS

This kayak is part of our Demo Credit Program. All rental fees can be used towards the purchase of any kayak within 30 days of returning your first demo.

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