How to Keep Cycling Into Winter

By Teresa "Tree" Datar, Bike Staffer


We’re extremely fortunate to have some of the best riding conditions in the Bay area. You can nearly get away with wearing the same gear all year round - emphasis on the “nearly”.

As temperatures begin to drop with the upcoming fall & winter months, being prepared with the proper gear and equipment can keep you spinning (outdoors!) throughout the season.

I love riding in the Fall and winter, it’s my favorite time for longer distance riding. The crisp air during this time of the year feels the best after a good ride, but having the right coverage can make a whole world of difference. I like to check the temperature for the time I start the ride as well as what is predicted for the next hour or so.

For me a pocketable windbreaker is an essential, for when I’m descending or are suddenly hit with a colder temperature. I highly recommend windblocking or fleece lined gear for fall & winter. Even though it’s California, the colder conditions will surprise you.



So with all this gear you’re definitely more than ready to ride, but before you’re off make sure to check your tires! Riding all summer long and we tend to forget how much we’ve run down our tires, gatorskins have been my go-to tires for winter riding. Double-check your saddle bag to make sure you’ve got a good tube, patch kit, C02 ,and handpump. I like to have an emergency GU or gel in my bag as well. And don't forget the most important thing of all - a helmet!

Having a route planned ahead of time as weather conditions can be harder to predict is especially important for times where you might need a bathroom, water refill or get a hot coffee. If you use a bike computer, you can plan ahead and load the route of your ride ahead of time!

Pro Tip: Typically winter is slower for bike shops so it’s a good time to get your bike evaluated/tuned up.

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