11 gifts for that one friend who's 100% into ONE thing

These are for the friends who you introduce as “the climber,” “the cyclist,” or “the yogi.” They live and breathe their favorite hobby; it’s who they are. It can be hard to shop for these friends 'cause they’ve probably got a lot of the gadgets and gear they need, so we gathered up all the extras they’ve been eyeing and will be thrilled to get this holiday season.

Garmin Varia RTL510 Light

Your cycling partner definitely has a Garmin to track their rides but they probably don’t have this Garmin light. The Varia RTL510 will alert them of cars that are coming up behind them by changing colors. It’s like you’re giving them eyes in the back of their helmet.


Spurcycle Bell - Black

The cyclist on your list probably has some kind of bell on their bike, but Spurcycle’s bells would make their bike look extra classy. It’s got a luxe look and feel that they’ll appreciate when they open it.


Light My Fire - Grandpa S Firegrill

When we asked our camping expert, Bill, what he would get the camper who has it all, this was one of the first things he showed us. This grill attaches to a stick so you can grill your veggies, fish, etc. over a campfire. Bill says, “This is for the camper who doesn’t just want to eat, they want to cook.” Feel free to include that quote on the card.


FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

This person is practically half fish. When they’re not swimming laps they’re talking about swimming laps. Get them what they’ve really been wanting: waterproof headphones. They use bone conduction to play music underwater so they can really get in the zone during their swim sessions. It’s one of the coolest gadgets in fitness tech around. But beware, if you thought getting them out of the water was tough before, it’s going to be nearly impossible after you get them these headphones!


Petzl Tibloc & Petzl Bindi

The rock climber on your list does not need another “will belay for food” shirt. Get them something that they’ll actually use like the Petzl Bindi headlamp or Petzl Tibloc rope ascender. The Bindi is unbelievably lightweight while managing to store a mighty 200 lumen light, while the Tibloc is the most efficiently designed rope ascenders available. No matter which you choose you’ll look like a climbing expert when you give them these (even if you’re afraid of heights).

Petzl Bindi $59.95

Petzl Tibloc $39.95

Implus Corporation Grid Vibe Plus

Personal trainers, gym junkies, and runners will truly understand just how awesome this gift is. This vibrating grid roller takes recovery rolling to a whole ‘nother level. The vibrations minimize pain while rolling so the roller can get deeper into muscle tissue and aid in faster recovery. It’s like a massage chair but better.


Nathan Quickstart - 4L Race Vest

Help the runners on your list get to the finish line with the Nathan Quickstart Hydration Vest. It holds 4 liters of water and has pockets for their phone, nutrition, and other essentials. We know they’ll love it so much you’ll basically count you as a sponsor for their next race.


Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent

If you’ve got a frequent camper or backpacker on your list, you’ll make their holidays with a Tentsile tent. They’re basically a hammock merged with a tent and outdoor lovers have been eyeing them since they released in the US this year! Subtly drop hints that the Flite+ tent can hold two people so if they, ya know, need a camping buddy, you’d both totally fit but no pressure, of course.


Metolious Rock Rings 3D Pair

If you thought a rope ascender was niche, you haven’t seen these rock rings. They’re basically like personal trainers for climbers to strengthen their grip and upper body. It’s a portable, easy-to-use training device that they didn’t know they needed but will be so glad you gave them.


Wintersteiger Inc. Wax Iron

Give the gift of perfect skis this winter. Skiers and boarders who are basically out-of-office all winter will definitely appreciate this wax iron so they can keep their pride and joy(s) in top shape. It’s travel friendly so they’ll be able to take it to their Tahoe cabin and since you’re soooo nice for gifting it to them maybe they’ll wax your skis for you too!


Manduka Eko Lite Yoga Mat

Is your yoga partner’s mat lookin’ like it’s seen a few too many downward dogs? Treat them to one of the highest rated yoga mats in the industry. It’s made with environmentally friendly rubber to help them keep their grip no matter what kind of yoga they’re into. This present is good for their practice and the planet.


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