An Update on our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Collage of images from our Basementeer Beneficiary groups

Since the last update of our Anti-Racism Action Plan, we’ve been continuing to execute on our action items. Here are some of the changes & plans that we’ve put in place already:

A broad expansion of outdoor activity offerings for Black youth, including fully-funded camping and cycling trips.

Sports Basement Outdoors has launched two programs to increase accessibility to the outdoors for BIPOC youth & adults: our BIPOC Apprenticeship Program for individuals and our BIPOC Resource Grant Initiative for nonprofits and schools.

Note: Some trips & events will be on hold until post-COVID-19. 

An initiative to seek out Bay Area nonprofits that lift up Black youth and support Black communities, and support them through our Basementeer program and our digital marketing platforms.

We hope you’ve seen (and supported!) the local non-profits and Basementeer Beneficiaries we’ve been highlighting on social media, in our emails, and on our website. We will continue to share events, fundraisers, and resources from our Basementeer Beneficiaries so keep your eyes peeled for those.

An initiative to consciously diversify our media across all digital and in-store marketing, so that our Black community members can see themselves in our messaging.

Getting diverse media and images that feature diverse models of all races, genders, ability, and more has been difficult and is direct evidence of how our industry needs to improve. We’re partnering with vendors who are actively working to improve representation in their assets as well as taking our own photos that accurately reflect the diversity of SB.

An initiative to actively reach out to, hire and support employees from Black communities for positions across our organization.

Sports Basement’s core values and community focused culture has established a solid foundation on which to expand D&I efforts. Using The Centre for Global Inclusion’s Benchmark Guide, we’re currently creating a thorough report on the state of Sports Basement’s diversity and inclusivity now as well as establishing the goals we want to hold ourselves accountable to.
We're in the review stages of choosing a new D&I training platform that all staff (current and incoming) will take as part of a broader program.
We’ve made important updates to internal processes, applications, and documents that make our diversity and inclusion goals explicit and hold all staff (at all levels) accountable. This includes updating our staff review, on-boarding, and internal promotion processes and language.

We continue to hold ourselves accountable for executing and improving on our Anti-Racism Action Plan. Learn more about our Outdoors Together initiative and continuing efforts on our website.

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