Spring 2018 Gear: Trail-Tested, Staff Approved (mostly)

April showers bring way more than just flowers. They bring green grass, squelchy mud and a ton of new spring products. It'd be easy to just list them out for you, dear customers, but honestly you've been asking about them for weeks now, so clearly you're in the know. Honestly, it's not like you were asking about whether or not these products exist, you were asking about how they perform. So we gave 'em a test run (just one of the perks of the job) while we were up in Marin prepping for our new Novato store, and we're back to give you the down n' dirty trail-tested truth, no holds barred.

Salomon Sense Ride


“I really want to love them - the color is great, the fit is on point, and I like the heel drop, the cushioning, and the traction. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the speed lacing. I like the concept but not the pressure on the top of my foot.” - Kat Hagood, SB Staffer

High Praise:

  • Great traction on groomed trails.

  • Cushioning makes for an easy ride.

  • Speed lace system eliminates shoe tying problems.

  • The color is great!

Real Talk:

  • That 8mm heel-toe drop ain't for everyone.

  • The Speed Lace system provides a tight fit - try 'em on in-store to see if they work for you.


The Bottom Line: Kat and Dana love the support, traction, and feel of the shoe but as with all trail running shoes, everyone's different! Stop by your local SB to try before you buy.

Nike Racer Crop


“I’ve had one pair of cropped leggings that I’ve ever liked, and I’ve had them for seemingly forever. This Nike crop might be the next. A nice, thick waistband, some mesh behind the knee, and a pocket that can fit my phone have me almost sold on it. I do wish there was a pocket on both legs though.” - Zoe Kiely, SB Manager

High Praise:

  • Super awesome side pocket that actually fits things in it (even large phones!)

  • Wide waistband sits comfortably and snugly across your stomach for a flattering, secure fit.

  • Has mesh panels behind the knees.

Real Talk:

  • We'd love the 2019 version to have pockets on both sides!

  • Only comes in a cropped fit.


The Bottom Line: While you can't fit the contents of your purse in these (but can you do it any other workout pant?), they're perfect for going on a run or hitting the gym with just the essentials and staying hands free.

Trail Butter


“Based on the taste, I'd think these nut butters would be relegated to gourmet PB&Js, but their ingenious packaging lets me bypass the bread and jam and just eat it straight. It really is the perfect mid-hike energizer." - Jessica Grant, SB Marketer

High Praise:

  • Delicious. Just. Delicious.

  • Resealable pouch with a hole so you can hang it on your carabiner!

  • Low on added sugars, high on protein (16g per pouch)!

  • Will keep your mid-hike hunger at bay.

  • Comes in Maple Syrup Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Coffee, and Cranberries & Sunflower flavors.

  • Did we mention they're delicious?

Real Talk:

  • Very filling - these are great for a longer ride or a hike.  Definitely split your servings.

  • Some are peanut free and all are gluten free, but none of them are nut-free. See their website for nutritional details.

  • Can get very messy when it gets too warm.


The Bottom Line: Best trail running snack (or even at-your-desk snack) to have on hand. Available in-store only!

Adidas Supernova Short Sleeve Shirt


“The Adidas Supernova Short Sleeve was my favorite item of the day. The fit was spot on, not too tight and not too loose and just the right length. The sleeves were perfect with some room to spare which can be a detail that makes or breaks a running top. It was comfortable, breathable and lightweight. I give this an A+!” - Dana Martin, SB Marketer

High Praise:

  • Very true-to-size.

  • Breathable fabric.

  • Lightweight feel lets you zoom through your run without feeling bogged down.

Real Talk:

  • On the thinner side which is great for ventilation but may be slightly see-through.


The Bottom Line: This is a flattering, lightweight top with just the right amount of room in all the right places.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music


“What I really like about it is it sits flat with your wrist unlike other watches that have a little circular bump to measure your heart rate. It’s basically got all the bells and whistles of Garmin’s triathlon watch, the Forerunner 935, but for runners.” - Andrew Bauer, SB Buyer

High Praise:

  • Holds about 500 songs! (Or 1 reeeeeaaaally long song.)

  • Comes with all of the works from Garmin: Heart rate monitor, step counter, stopwatch, and even Garmin Pay.

  • Adjusts your daily steps goal based on previous days.

 Real Talk:

  • Bit on the pricier side since it replaces so many other pieces of tech.



The Bottom Line: The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is perfect for the ultimate hands-free run.

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