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Sports Basement's refillable propane canisters!

Posted by Jessica Blomstrom on

Over 40 million disposable propane canisters are purchased, used, and discarded in the US every year. Even when they are recycled (a process which is incredibly expensive and difficult) it can be dangerous for sanitation workers if there's any gas left in the containers, which is incredibly common. On the contrary, refillable propane canisters are much more earth-friendly, much safer and much cheaper! 

We love the Earth and we love our customers, which is why we sell refillable propane canisters at cost (you pay what we pay). That's $10.80 for Basementeers, $12 for everyone else. Here’s a quick breakdown of how we’ve helped the planet since we started the exchange program (and we’re only gettin’ started):

  • 32,000 canisters kept out of landfills
  • over $12,793 saved by our customers
  • 16,000 FREE refills
  • Plus, we provide free propane refills to all Basementeers ($2 per fill up for non-Basementeers). Just bring in the empty refillable propane canister you purchased with us, and we'll give you a full one, no waiting necessary. It's that easy to say no to landfills and say yes to our planet!

    The canister fits the same connections as a standard 16oz one, and is certified for 12 years. Free propane refills are for recreational use only.

    Refillable Propane Canister

    Flame King Filled New Canister
    16.4 oz

    Basementeers pay: $10.80!
    Non-Basementeers pay: $12, MSRP: $14

    Basementeers get free refills at any Sports Basement!

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    • THIS IS GREAT. So glad Sports Basement bought into this one. The Earth thanks you and so do I.

      VIvien on

    • You’re kidding me, right? This is an incredible deal, not for my wallet, but for the earth! I always hated using the 16.4 oz canisters, mainly because of just that: What to do with them when they’re empty? This is the ticket. Thanks, SB!

      RobJ on

    • Love it! Thank you!

      Nancy Schaefer on

    • Are there refillable canisters for the jetboil?

      Jay on

    • Righteous!

      Steve on

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