Bike To Wherever Days 2020: Contest & Event Details


Wild times call for wild rides! This year's postponed Bike to Work Day event has finally re-emerged as Bike to Wherever Days, a virtual event that gives you a ton of reasons to get out there and ride to, well, wherever! Visit their website and join to earn points (hint: you get the most points when you encourage a new rider to get pedalin') and win prizes from all kinds of awesome brands, including an unprecedented prize pack from Sports Basement!

Participate in Bike to Wherever Days to be entered to win:

  • a Deluxe Tune Service Package at Sports Basement (retail value of $250) 
  • a $250 gift card you can spend on whatever you like at the Bay Area's #1 sporting goods shop (that's us)!
That's $500 for you to spend pampering your lovely bike (and your lovely self). When you bring your bike in for it's Deluxe Tune (basically a full body spa for a bike) we will:
  • Clean bike (wheels off, spray with bike wash and wipe down)
  • True wheels, adjust spoke tension
  • Clean and adjust derailleurs
  • Clean and adjust brakes
  • Clean and adjust headset
  • Check bolts and pivots
  • Lubricate drivetrain
  • Set proper tire pressure
  • Replace shifter housing and cables
  • Replace brake housing and cables or bleed brakes
  • Replace brake pads*
  • Install new bar tape*
  • Remove and clean drivetrain (degrease chainring, cassette, derailleurs. Lube, reinstall, and tune). 
  • Whew, that's a lot!

And with your extra $250, you can spruce up your bar tape, components, accessories or kit, or (because we're so much more than just a top-quality, full-service bike shop) you can splurge on a new camping tent, or a whole bunch of free weights, or a couple pairs of running shoes, some fancy sunglasses or heart rate monitor, or if you're feeling really wild, you can probably buy every color of Hydroflask we have. It's up to you!  

*Parts not included

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