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We have top quality, full-service bike shops at every one of our stores.Need a quick adjustment or flat-tire fix? Come on by; we can do many small jobs on the spot. Prices are subject to change by level of difficulty. Prices listed do not include parts.

Bike Mantenance:

Basic Tune
  • Check/adjust hubs, BB, headset
  • True F+R wheels and adjust spoke tension by hand
  • Clean/adjust F+R derailleurs and F+R brakes
  • Lube chain and cable housing
  • Wipe down fork stanchion and lube with fork oil
  • Grease stanchion port if any
  • Clean rotors and sand uneven pads
  • Check and tighten all bolts to manufacturer spec (cranks, chain ring, pedals, stem, handle bar, bottle cage, seat post, saddle, brake levers, rotors)
Drive Train Cleaning
  • Remove and clean chain, pedals, crankset and chain rings
  • Remove and clean BB, F+R derailleurs, cassette
  • Align rear derailleur hanger
  • Reinstall and adjust all above parts
  • Clean brake calipers
Major Tune

Includes a Basic Tune and Drive Train Cleaning


Major Tune plus the following:

  • True/round/dish F+R wheels and re-tension spokes with tensiometer
  • Disassemble, lube, and reassemble F+R hubs
  • Disassemble, lube, and reassemble headset
Standard Hourly Rate

Upon bringing your bike in for assessment, you may receive a quote for more than the listed price based on you bike's condition.

Bike Builds:

New from box
Used from box
Pro Build
Boxing for shipping

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Brian Tjaden
Senior Mechanic, Bryant Street
Since 2013
Meet Your Mechanics

Brian has been cycling since the 70’s and has been wrenching for just as long. His hometown in Nebraska was 360 miles away from the nearest bike shop so he dedicated his time to fixing his bikes himself! He’s primarily a roadie, but with his new Ibis Ripmo, we think we’ll be seeing more and more of him on the trail.

His favorite bike is a custom 735 Reynolds lugged steel frame

Commutes on his Bianchi Specialisma Dura-Ace Di2 bike

Favorite riding roads: Trail Ridge Road, CO & Bob Cook Mount Evans hill climb, CO

Specializes in custom bike & wheel builds

Aaron Ofsiany
Bike Shop Manager, Bryant Street
Since 2014
Meet Your Mechanics

When we need advice on riding, wrenching, or pretty much anything to do with cycling, Aaron is one of the first people we turn to. He has over 32 years of wrenching, 34 years of mountain bike experience, and 25 competitive cycling seasons under his belt. He’s a jack-of-all-trades and clearly, a master of all. His favorite rides are epic sceneries in British Columbia but you’ll definitely catch him flying up and down Highway 1. His favorite part of the job is taking in bicycles that are broken or malfunctioning and restoring them to their former glory.

Raced for the Ibis team from 1995-1997

Commutes on a single-speed Cross bike converted to a 9 speed 1x

Shimano and Campagnolo certified & USACycling licensed race mechanic

Always carries a Ritchey CPR 14 multi tool

Bike Fitting

Our Bryant St., Berkeley, Campbell, Santa Rosa, San Ramon & Sunnyvale locations offer the following types of bike fitting:

SB Basic Fit   50% off with any bike purchase

Developed through collaboration by the professional fitters at Sports Basement, this process will determine ideal positioning on your current bike and teach you the basics of proper posture. All aspects of the rider and the bike are taken into account, including fitness level, riding style, goals, and any pre-existing physical limitations. Your bike, your goals, your perfect fit.

FIST Bike Fit   50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

A more extensive process, the FIST fit involves creating your ideal fit based on the same principles as the Basic Fit, but utilizes the EXiT Bike and the specific protocols developed for it. Basically, the EXiT bike is a stationary bike that can be adjusted in every conceivable way. It connects you to a power meter and heart rate monitor to observe your performance on the bike, as well as how your performance is affected as adjustments are made. Our Pro Fit is a workout, so make sure you come in with fresh legs!

The GURU Fit System is available at our Presidio & Walnut Creek locations:

GURU Bike Optimization Fit   50% off with any bike purchase

This is the best fit for cyclists that ride regularly. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a pro, you can benefit from a better, more customized fit.

GURU Frame Fitting   50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

For riders wanting to special order complete bikes that are not on our sales floor, or custom build their perfectly-fit dream bike.

GURU Quick Fit  

For riders who want to compare different sizes or models of bikes with the push of a button.

The GURU Fit System includes:

URU's Virtual Ride combines the real-time action of the integrated Computrainer unit to track your power output and adjusts resistance to replicate changes in terrain.

GURU BIKE FINDER™ utilizes Rider Scan™ technology to identify the best bike configuration to match your riding preferences.

GURU OPTIMIZATION™ expands the capabilities of Bike Finder with the addition of comprehensive performance analysis - including in-depth power output, real-time body angle tracking and GURU Virtual Ride.

GURU'S VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ - featuring thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.

GURU'S TAILORED FIT REPORT provides you with a comprehensive overview of your fit data, which can be used to set up a new bike or optimize an existing bike.


Bike fitting is the process by which your best position on your bike is determined with the assistance of our professional Bike Fit Staff. We analyze every contact point a rider has on the bike and make sure that they are all optimized for your body. Getting your bike fitted to you increases your comfort, improves your performance, minimizes your risk of injury and helps you learn proper posture and technique.


It’s rare for a cyclist to settle into their optimal position right away, for two reasons: first, it’s a bit unnatural, and therefore not instinctual. Second, the bike is probably not set up to allow for it. During your fitting, every measurable aspect of you and your bike will be analyzed and adjusted accordingly. We will teach you the correct way to interact with your bike and help you understand why your posture and technique is just as important as your bike’s proper set-up. Small adjustments can make a big difference!

What is the GURU Fit System 2.0?

The state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU Dynamic Fit Unit adjusts your riding position, simulates incline/decline, tracks your power output and adjusts resistance to replicate changes in terrain, all in real time while you're pedaling. 

Of course, a piece of equipment is nothing without the trained fitter to use it. That's why all our fitters are F.I.S.T. certified, providing you with the most professional, rider-focused fit experience and ensuring maximum satisfaction with your results.

How do I book a bike fit?

Call your local Sports Basement to book your appointment, and to get more information about appointment times, what to bring, and more.