Bike Shop Prices

We have top quality, full-service bike shops at every one of our stores. Need a quick adjustment or flat-tire fix? Come on by; we can do many small jobs on the spot. Prices are subject to change by level of difficulty. Prices listed do not include parts.

Bike Maintenance
SB Tune

- Clean bike (wheels off, spray with bike wash and wipe down)
- True wheels, adjust spoke tension
- Clean and adjust derailleurs
- Clean and adjust brakes
- Clean and adjust headset
- Check bolts and pivots
- Lubricate drivetrain
- Set proper tire pressure
Phew, that's a lot!

Drive Train Cleaning

- Remove and clean chain, pedals, crankset and chain rings
- Remove and clean F+R derailleurs, cassette
- Align rear derailleur hanger
- Reinstall and adjust all above parts
- Clean brake calipers

SB Deluxe Tune

SB Tune plus the following:
- Replace shifter housing and cables
- Replace brake housing and cables or bleed brakes
- Replace brake pads*
- Install new bar tape*
- Remove and clean drivetrain (degrease chainring, cassette, derailleurs. Lube, reinstall, and tune). 

*Parts not included


Deluxe Tune plus the following:

- True/round/dish F+R wheels and re-tension spokes with tensiometer
- Disassemble, lube, and reassemble F+R hubs
- Disassemble, lube, and reassemble headset

Standard Hourly Rate

Upon bringing your bike in for assessment, you may receive a quote for more than the listed price based on you bike's condition.

Bike Builds
New from box
Used from box
Pro Build
Boxing for shipping

The GURU Fit System is now available at our Bryant St., Campbell, Redwood CityPresidio,Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek locations. Standard bike fitting services are now available at all other store locations.


SB Basic Fit

50% off with any bike purchase

Developed through collaboration by the professional fitters at Sports Basement, this process will determine ideal positioning on your current bike and teach you the basics of proper posture. All aspects of the rider and the bike are taken into account, including fitness level, riding style, goals, and any pre-existing physical limitations. Your bike, your goals, your perfect fit.


FIST Bike Fit

50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

A more extensive process, the FIST fit involves creating your ideal fit based on the same principles as the Basic Fit, but utilizes the EXiT Bike and the specific protocols developed for it. Basically, the EXiT bike is a stationary bike that can be adjusted in every conceivable way. It connects you to a power meter and heart rate monitor to observe your performance on the bike, as well as how your performance is affected as adjustments are made. Our Pro Fit is a workout, so make sure you come in with fresh legs!


GURU Bike Optimization Fit

50% off with any bike purchase

This is the best fit for cyclists that ride regularly. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a pro, you can benefit from a better, more customized fit. Learn more about the GURU Fit System at Sports Basement in our video!


GURU Frame Fitting

50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

For riders wanting to special order complete bikes that are not on our sales floor, or custom build their perfectly-fit dream bike. Learn more about the GURU Fit System at Sports Basement in our video!


GURU Quick Fit

For riders who want to compare different sizes or models of bikes with the push of a button. Learn more about the GURU Fit System at Sports Basement in our video!


Roof rack + purchased accessories install
Roof carrier install (for bike, boat, ski, & board)
Cargo box install
Trunk mount rack install
Platform hitch rack install
Platform hitch rack + add-on install
Platform add-on (for hitch racks) install
Hanging hitch rack install
Tepui tent install

*Note that the roof rack install charge includes any additional roof accessory purchased prior to the roof rack installation (i.e. Bike Tray, Cargo Box, SUP Holder, etc.). If those accessories are purchased later than an additional install fee will be required.  

**Roof carrier installs for bike trays are priced per bike tray.

***Roof Rack Install includes all accessories except for Tents. Tents incur the additional install fee. 

****Hitch-mounted racks require a hitch to be installed on your vehicle. We do not have the equipment necessary for hitch installations.