Bike Fitting

Photo of a bike fit in progress with one of our very own Staffletes, Ian Ballentine.

Bike fitting is the process by which your best position on your bike is determined with the assistance of our professional Bike Fit Staff. We analyze every contact point a rider has on the bike and make sure that they are all optimized for your body. Getting your bike fitted to you increases your comfort, improves your performance, minimizes your risk of injury and helps you learn proper posture and technique.

It’s rare for a cyclist to settle into their optimal position right away, for two reasons: first, it’s a bit unnatural, and therefore not instinctual. Second, the bike is probably not set up to allow for it. During your fitting, every measurable aspect of you and your bike will be analyzed and adjusted accordingly. We will teach you the correct way to interact with your bike and help you understand why your posture and technique is just as important as your bike’s proper set-up. Small adjustments can make a big difference!

The Sports Basement locations in the Presidio (SF) and in Walnut Creek offer the new GURU Fit System. (Coming to our other locations soon!)

Find out more about the GURU Fit System at Sports Basement

The Sports Basement locations at Bryant St, Berkeley, Campbell and Sunnyvale offer the following types of bike fitting:

SB Basic Fit – $150
50% off with any bike purchase

Developed through collaboration by the professional fitters at Sports Basement, this process will determine ideal positioning on your current bike and teach you the basics of proper posture. All aspects of the rider and the bike are taken into account, including fitness level, riding style, goals, and any pre-existing physical limitations. Your bike, your goals, your perfect fit.

FIST Bike Fit – $250
50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

A more extensive process, the FIST fit involves creating your ideal fit based on the same principles as the Basic Fit, but utilizes the EXiT Bike and the specific protocols developed for it. Basically, the EXiT bike is a stationary bike that can be adjusted in every conceivable way. It connects you to a power meter and heart rate monitor to observe your performance on the bike, as well as how your performance is affected as adjustments are made. Our Pro Fit is a workout, so make sure you come in with fresh legs!

Call your local Sports Basement store for more information or to book an appointment.