The GURU Fit System at Sports Basement

We're very excited to introduce the GURU Fit System at our Presidio and Walnut Creek locations. This state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU Dynamic Fit Unit adjusts your riding position, simulates incline/decline, tracks your power output and adjusts resistance to replicate changes in terrain, all in real time while you're pedaling. 

Of course, a piece of equipment is nothing without the trained fitter to use it. That's why all our fitters are F.I.S.T. certified, providing you with the most professional, rider-focused fit experience and ensuring maximum satisfaction with your results.

Our Presidio and Walnut Creek stores offer the following types of bike fitting using the GURU Fit System:

Bike Optimization Fit - $300
50% off with any bike purchase

This is the best fit for cyclists that ride regularly. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a pro, you can benefit from a better, more customized fit.

Frame Fitting - $85 
50% off with purchase of any triathlon, TT or road bike

For riders wanting to special order complete bikes that are not on our sales floor, or custom build their perfectly-fit dream bike.

Quick Fit - Free

For riders who want to compare different sizes or models of bikes with a push of a button.


Here's a better idea of all the incredible tools the GURU Fit System packs in:

GURU's Virtual Ride combines the real-time action of the integrated Computrainer unit to track your power output and adjusts resistance to replicate changes in terrain.

GURU BIKE FINDER™ utilizes Rider Scan™ technology to identify the best bike configuration to match your riding preferences.

GURU OPTIMIZATION™ expands the capabilities of Bike Finder with the addition of comprehensive performance analysis - including in-depth power output, real-time body angle tracking and GURU Virtual Ride.

GURU'S VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ - featuring thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.

GURU'S TAILORED FIT REPORT provides you with a comprehensive overview of your fit data, which can be used to set up a new bike or optimize an existing bike.