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Ally Braue

One could say that Ally is as at home at Sports Basement as a fish is in water. Considering she’s a talented swimmer, that analogy fits even more perfectly. She’s worked at our San Ramon store for over a year and a half, dipping her toes in marketing and helping our customers’ checkouts go swimmingly. When she’s not at Sports Basement, she can be found in her local pool or lake. She’s been a competitive swimmer for 12 years in year-round and summer leagues. By the age of 9 she was placing in the top 10 at competitive meets in the 50 meter breaststroke. At 18 she swam across Lake Tahoe! She’s not just a swimmer, she’s a swinner.

While she’s definitely a pool-shark, she’s also a fintellectual! Her second passion is in the medical field and she’ll be pursuing a graduate degree in radiation therapy in Southern California starting July 2018! While we’ll definitely miss her, we’re excited to see her accomplishments and maybe even see her take on the challenge of open water swimming. We’ll have to wait and sea.


Andrew Bauer

When we first started planning our our Stafflete campaign, Andrew Bauer’s name just kept coming up. We’re all kind of in awe of Andrew - he’s a super talented athlete, and a genuinely nice guy to boot! He was a pro triathlete for a number of years, and still managed to work full-time as our senior nutrition, electronics, hiking footwear, triathlon, socks, and run hydration buyer here at the Basement (which is clearly a feat unto itself).

As he mentions in his video, he’s competed in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon a whopping 8 times, and he’s got a ton of other athletic accomplishments under his running belt, besides. What’s the lie, though? Sadly, he cannot juggle. Not even with mint-flavored CLIF bars.


Anna Guzman

Sports Basement is lucky to have quite a few talented triathletes including, the incredible and practically world-famous, Anna Guzman. She’s graced us and our customers with her triathlete knowledge for the past five years at our Sunnyvale store. And trust us when we say that her advice is worth its weight in gold. She came in 2nd at Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 in 2018 just missing the qualifications for World’s by one spot, so she decided to compete at the Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3 just two months later. Her fellow staff and athletes will be the first to tell you how disciplined she is when she’s training. It all paid off when she won her age group (and PR-ed in all three legs of the race, no big deal) and qualified for Ironman Worlds in Nice, France this September. Apparently she’s inexhaustible because this year, she went on to take first place in her age group at Escape from Alcatraz!

Even with all of these incredible wins & accomplishments to brag about, Anna’s one of the most laid-back people we know. Her training may be intense but she’s got an even keel and is always down to share training tips & gear recommendations. Next time you’re in the Sunnyvale store, hit her up for any triathlon-related questions and maybe some epic stories from her races!


Arjean Roldan

Meet Arjean, Assistant Manager by day and accomplished jiu jitsu fighter by night (and also day). Her level of discipline, commitment to her training, and all of her incredible wins are legendary at Sports Basement. After training for just eight months, she placed third in her first tournament by default. She says she cried afterwards because the fear of getting hurt and the massive adrenaline dump was so overwhelming, but instead of letting those emotions control her, she mastered herself and put all of her effort into training, and it paid off. After just one more month of rigorous training, she placed first in her next tournament! She cried after this tournament too, she says, but they were the happy tears of seeing her hard work pay off.

Arjean says she’s still got a lot to learn but she’s excited to continue on this exciting journey. She spends most of her free time training, not just at her jiu jitsu gym but also at the Diablo Rock Gym to supplement her muscle strength. What’s next for her? She’ll be competing in the Jiu Jitsu World League The Bay tournament in Livermore, California, and pushing herself to accomplish more after that. We already know she’s going to rock it!


Dana Treiber-Martin

Dana has been a marketer at Sports Basement for almost a year, but if you had just met her, you’d think she’s been with us forever. She helped us get our Santa Rosa store off on the right foot in June of 2017 and provided immeasurable support during the North Bay Fires later that year, connecting our resources to where they were needed. She is now working towards opening our new store in Novato as a Senior Marketer. You might be asking, has she always been a superhero? The answer is yes. Before being one of our most talented marketers, she worked at the American Cancer Society for 16 years and she also supports the Marin Bicycle Coalition’s bike safety efforts. That’s probably why her favorite thing about working at SB is the Basementeer program.

Apart from being an incredible human being, Dana is also a super talented cyclist. She’s raced as a Category 1 cyclist (which is the most competitive racing classification out there) and even formed her own local women’s race team. She just completed the SF Haute Route where she cycled 300 miles and climbed 20,350 feet of elevation in 3 days...back to backThat’s how cool she is. Nowadays you can (try to) catch her riding her bike around Marin County, although she’s always looking’ to leave tracks around the world. She has her sight set on riding the Italian Dolomites Challenge this September. It’s the same track that the pros battle on during the classic Giro D’Italia, and we have no doubt she'll emerge vittorioso!


Donna Troyna

Donna Troyna is kind of a superhero. She's been working for Sports Basement for almost 8 years, starting her career over at our Walnut Creek store and moving up in the ranks to become the manager of our Sunnyvale store's receiving department. She works hard, yeah, but trust us when we say that this woman runs hard, too. She's so humble and so sweet, but she racks up cred every time she laces up her Altras.

Need examples? Donna just completed her 122nd marathon (nope, no extra numbers there, that's really one hundred and twenty two) and she also recently completed her 31st Big Sur International Marathon. Beyond that, she's the only active female member of the Big Sur Grizzled Vets, and she's the only woman to have completed 31 of the Big Sur Marathons. She IS #fitnessgoals. And she's a dog lover, too! She shows and trains Basenjis (catch 'em in her video, they're far too cute for words, and so well-trained!) What's her lie? She's not into swimming. I mean, she can't be great at everything, after all. 


Ian Ballentine

Ian is completely amazing. He's the Marketing Director for the company, yeah, but he's so much more than that. He's Sports Basement main source of energy and enthusiasm. In fact, we're pretty sure he powers the entire Berkeley store with just the force of his personality. He runs most of our large-scale events, like packet pickups, film screenings and pro athlete panels, and seem to be friends with basically every mover and shaker in the industry. And he's a powerhouse outside of work as well! 

Ian's motto is "I LIVE HARD" (yes, in all caps) and if you meet him, you'll believe it. When he's not at work, he's pushing his body as hard as he can. You'll find him running (trail & road), riding (mountain & road), swimming and dabbling in cross-fit. Only a guy as active as Ian can "dabble" in CrossFit. Outside of the Basement, he's got quite the adventuresome spirit and travels with his wife quite a bit. What’s Ian's lie? He's definitely not a hardcore vegan. In fact, he's kind of a carnivore.


Kat Hagood

When pretty much anyone at SB needs race training advice, they go to Kat Hagood. She’s a lean, mean, training machine (just kidding - she's not mean at all!). Kat once decided she wanted to break her personal run record of 15.6 miles, so she skipped the marathons and completed a 52k ultramarathon instead. Most recently, she finished first in her division at her first ever triathlon, the Half Moon Bay Sprint. She likes to credit her stubbornness for her ability to finish every race, but we think her hard work might possibly be a factor as well: in addition to being a full-time lead in the Berkeley store shoe department, she also squeezes in two run, swim, and bike sessions every week, training a minimum of 5 days a week. She typically ends up running 20-25 miles, swimming 4-6 hours, and cycling 50-60 miles weekly. How she fits it all in remains a mystery...we’re pretty sure she knows how to control time.

Kat has tons of great training advice that she'll happily share. She’ll even clue you into some of her favorite trails if you ask really nicely. Her best piece of advice? “Find your passion, no matter how old you are and do it because it's fun! Training to be on top is fun, sure; we're all a little competitive,” she says, “But training just because you love it is even better.” Now she’s getting ready to take on her next challenge: the world famous Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. If anyone can jump from their first triathlon straight into Escape, it’s Kat. We can’t wait to see her at the finish line.


Mark Kolding

Mark Kolding is a pro-stafflete. He’s not only a total champ while working in our footwear and triathlon department at our Presidio store, he’s also officially sponsored by Sports Basement! He competes as a pro in triathlon and cycling races all over the states. He earned his pro license in 2018 when he came in 3rd in his age group at IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells and even competed for Team USA in 2015 and 2016. He just finished the Santa Cruz IRONMAN 70.3 on September 8th in just 4 hours, and will be competing at the Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells in December 2019!

While racing is his main focus, he’s not afraid to ride off the beaten trail. He once rode 3,600 miles in 45 days from Richmond, California to Virginia! He averaged about 100 miles a day and hit a pretty intense heat-wave along the way. He actually applied to work at Sports Basement while relaxing in a park in Kansas trying to beat the heat. His next adventure is to Scotland where he’ll be riding around the north of the (very rainy) country for a week and a half. If you need any advice on bike touring, be sure to hit up Mark when he comes back from his trip!


Max Stewart

Max has been at our Bryant Street store for a little over 4 years. He’s a dude of many talents and can be found helping folks out in our backcountry department all summer, or in the ski shop during the snow season. But where he really shines is in climbing. He’s part of a climbing team, Team SAANO, and has climbed rock faces from the west coast of the US to the Swiss Alps! But of all the rocks he's climbed, Yosemite hosts his favorite spots.

When you meet him (and you should!) be sure to ask him about his epic alpine climbing journey with his climbing team. They climbed Alaska, the southern US, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Russia. They basically left no stone un-climbed. And he’s definitely not done yet! He recently went into the Teton Mountains in Wyoming to tackle a few alpine routes on the highest peaks in the range (ya know, just for funsies). So whether you’re getting into climbing or really looking to talk rock, Max is your guy.


Pete Lester

Pete's a longtime staffer (he's been with the company for 12 years!) and is currently the resident master bike fitter at our Presidio store as well as our rentals logistics coordinator, though he might be better known around here as the BBQ guy. More importantly, he embodies everything Sports Basement stands for - he lives and breathes his sport, and uses his passion to make the world a better place.

With his Sports Basement cap on, he heads up the AIDS/LifeCycle Bike Tech Team every year. On his off time he's a member of the board of directors at Chooda, the organization that hosts Bike Zambia, a 325+ mile bike ride that raises funds to help stamp out AIDS. You can help support Pete's 2017 ride here. What’s Pete's lie? He was never Junior National Champ of anything (except our hearts).


Phil Gor

If there were an award for #1 Powder Hound, Phil Gor would win it. As soon as the lifts start turning for the season, Phil is on the first chair up. He’s so committed to skiing fresh pow that, in 2018-19’s season, he skied 5 Ikon Resorts during February’s 2 week snow storm. We’re almost positive he just skied from one resort to the next. His goal is to ski 12 Ikon Pass Resorts in Canada and the US before the season ends. But even with 30+ years of skiing under his belt and plenty of travel to brag about, Phil is one of the most down-to-earth people we know. He’s always looking for ways to help out customers, gives great advice (ski related and otherwise), and is always ready to lend a hand.

When he’s not skiing in Squaw Valley (or Mammoth, or Alta, or any other Ikon Pass Resort), you can find him as a guide for Sports Basement Outdoors. He loves getting people involved in the outdoors and helping people enjoy new experiences. So, when you see him at one of our Demo Days or on our Tahoe Ski Bus, be sure to say hello!


Rex Lierly

Rex is the Mountain Bike Specialist at our Walnut Creek store, and has been at Sports Basement for over 8 years now! Not only does he know everything there is to know about mountain biking, he’s a legit champion. He’s was a Category 1 Masters Cross Country Mountain Bike California State Champion and a Super D MTB California State Champion in the 40-49 group in 2007! He also finished the Leadville 100 Mile MTB race in under 12 hours, and he just finished the 2018 Tahoe Trail MTB race 3rd in his division! He’s definitely not slowin’ down anytime soon and will be taking on the Grinduro Gravel Bike Race this September. Some might say he’s kind of a cycle-path.And he's a powerhouse outside of work as well! 

When he’s not taking on bike races and taking home super titles, he’s helping our excellent customers find the perfect mountain bike at Sports Basement! His favorite part of the job? Talking about mountain bikes with you! Whether you’re talkin’ shop or want an intro, Rex is your guy. He loves helping customers onto the best (maybe even their first!) mountain bikes, so be sure to say hello when you visit our Walnut Creek store!


Troy Bouris

Troy started working here 10 years ago and is pretty much the king of backcountry. If we’ve got a question about climbing, backpacking, or skiing, Troy is number one on our list of experts to ask (he’s also number one for SF Gate too!). He spends as much of his summer as possible backpacking and climbing in the Sierras. Donner Summit, Lovers Leap, Phantom Spires, and pretty much all of Yosemite are his favorite hang outs (clearly he has a hard time choosing just one) One of his proudest accomplishments is finishing a multi day climb up the west face of the Leaning Tower in Yosemite: a 1,000 foot ascent on an overhanging cliff that required an overnight bivy halfway up. Our palms are sweaty just thinkin’ about it. What about his ski expertise, you ask? In his teens, he competed in the Jr. Olympics in Park City, Utah (no big deal) and coached local ski clubs and high school & college ski race teams for years. This season, he’s planning on some quality time at Lassen Peak, which pretty much only has black diamond routes. Yup, he's pretty good at skiing.

So he’s an expert on all things in the mountains but what if we told you he’s also an expert on all things in the sky? Troy’s other passion is being airborne. He has a commercial pilot certificate and has logged thousands of hours buzzing around in a small aircraft teaching people how to fly and sharing his love of aviation. All he needs now is a Captain’s title and he’ll be master of the sky, land, and sea.