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San Francisco Stonestown

3251 20th Avenue
Suite 390
San Francisco, CA 94132

All departments safely open

Mon-Fri | 11am-7pm
Sat & Sun | 10:30am-6:30pm
Valentine's Day | 11am-7pm
President's Day11am-7pm

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Photo of San Francisco Stonestown General Manager Eden Slezin
Eden Slezin
General Manager

Eden Slezin has been with Sports Basement through thick and thin - in 2006 he was brought on to help build our Bryant Street store, and ended up becoming its General Manager. Eden's a crazy hard worker - even as he was brilliantly managing our Bryant Street store he was pursuing a degree in fashion, and made headlines for his work creating sustainable apparel. He has also managed our Sports Basement Outdoors program and our annual Halloween 5k, so as icing on the cake. We're thrilled to have him at the head of our newest store in Stonestown.