What we're excited about: Spring cycling!

Spring is around the corner, as are some of the greenest, rolliest, gnarliest and bestest road and mountain biking you could hope for. Heck, even the corner store is a destination worth pedaling to with the right equipment. And we so have the right equipment. Like the very latest from...


Our newest bike brand brings you Swiss precision and versatility at prices that don’t require a numbered bank account in Zurich. We’ve got their fast, smooth-riding road models in both competition and endurance geometry, with quick-stopping disc brakes, as well as the highly aerodynamic and adjustable Plasma tri bike. And we have incredible deals on the last few of our Sub Speed 10s, featuring a Gates belt drive for total maintenance ease.

Scott Addict 20 Scott Solace 10 Scott Plasma 10


We’re also rolling out the new plus-tire format on all our Jamis mountain bikes and a selection of our Cannondales as well. What that means for you is a tire with more grip and more float, but not much more weight or height. And what that means is more confidence for new riders and more fun for the veteran shredder -- all on a lighter, less expensive bike.

Jamis Plus-Tire Chart


These aren't exactly new, nor are they exactly news, but we are really excited about them. The Jamis Renegade series is gorgeous and inspirational and make us wanna go bike packing for the foreseeable future. At the very least, we have summer plans. Did we mention we're able to sell them at below MSRP?


And you can feel free to let ‘em roll with a MIPS helmet. (I mean, within reason: there’s no Red Bull logos on these lids.) Not just fun to say, MIPS is a literal added layer of safety -- now available in select Bell, Giro and POC helmets -- that absorbs the rotational forces that contribute to concussions. So you can keep pronouncing fun words. And taking fun rides.

MIPS Helmet Graphic

 What are you excited to see this spring season? Leave a comment and let us know!

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