We're coming to Santa Rosa!

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It was always meant to be. We're a Bay Area company, born and raised, and we were feeling a little incomplete without a single outpost in the beautiful, hops- and barley-scented paradise that is the North Bay! After all, we were born in San Francisco, and quickly grew South Bay roots in Sunnyvale, then East Bay roots in Walnut Creek. We dug in at Campbell, branched out to Berkeley and then, most recently, blossomed in San Ramon! Meanwhile, all this time, the North Bay has been staring down at us, taunting us, daring us to find the perfect location to grow a brand new Basement. Well, the hunt is finally at an end!
The newest Sports Basement will open this summer in Santa Rosa, specifically at 1970 Santa Rosa Ave, next to the Target in the Costco shopping center. If you know Santa Rosa, you know exactly where we're talking about. When that Sports Authority location opened up, we almost literally jumped on it.
We're busy transforming the building into the lovable local Sports Basement you've come to expect, replete with weird cardboard signs, a ton of recycled wood and adorably ugly couches. But until we're ready to open our doors, you'll have to make do with photos!

Tiffany Hall   

Pictured above is Santa Rosa's new General Manager, Tiffany Hall. She has led our Sunnyvale store for the past five years, with wild success. She's smart, hard-working, considerate and absolutely committed to developing her team and Sports Basement. She's the whole package, and Santa Rosa will be lucky to have her! If you would like to join her team (and you should) visit our jobs page to fill out an application. If you would like to inquire about using our store's community space or if you'd like to discuss other partnerships, email Shelley Berniker at sberniker@sportsbasement.com. If you'd like to send us beer, please come by and drink it with us. 

Speaking of beer, what do you think of that Santa Rosa beer bottle label? We're not saying it's gonna happen, but if it did, what kind of beer should it be? Is Santa Rosa a red ale? An IPA? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I’d say more along the lines like a kolsch. Kinda refined but hoppy

    Matthias on

  • IPA all the way! Also maybe a cider for gluten-free friends :)

    adrian santos on

  • IPA or sour ale for sure!

    Bemann on

  • I hope it’s a Santa Rosa red/amber ale.

    DIana on

  • As SF transplants, we have been waiting for this!

    Jonathan on

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