TRX (Optional!) Workout with Tina Hepper

Check out this challenging TRX routine written by staffer, Tina Hepper!

This is a fun workout that can be done as a circuit of 1-3 rounds, 12 total reps each exercise, inspired by the training plan for the San Francisco Urbanathlon obstacle race back in the day!

I included options for alternatives that don’t require a TRX strap.

This is a great full body workout that focuses on core strength especially since the TRX requires engagement of the core musculature at all times. Have fun!


  • Jog 5 mins or jump rope
  • 60-100 Jumping jacks
  • 5x each l3D lunges forward, backwards, lateral
  • Arm circles forward and backwards

Main set:

    1. Plank - 12 reps
      TRX Plank Saw
      1. Both legs suspended, arms in a low plank position with elbows on the ground
      2. Glutes and legs and abs tight, hips low but without arching your back.
      3. Slowly move forward and backwards just as much as your lower back can handle it! When it gets hard, squeeze your glutes tighter!

      Option without TRX: Same movement with feet on the floor!
    2. Low Row - 12 reps
      TRX Low Row
      1. Extended arms, knees bent at 90 degrees, facing the sky.
      2. Pull straps towards your armpits and hold.
      3. Return to starting position
      Difficulty can be changed by stepping forward to a lower starting position (making it harder) or back to a higher starting position (making it easier).

      Option without TRX:
      1. Lay underneath a table and assume the same starting position with your hands holding on to the edge of the table. Check if you need a counter weight so it won’t tip over when you pull.
      2. Pull up your body towards the table. 
    3. Overhead Squat - 12 reps
      TRX Overhead Squat
      1. Standing position, arms straight up the top of your hands pressing against the straps to avoid slack.
      2. Lower to a deep squat while keeping your arms straight.
      3. Return to starting position.
      Option without TRX Holding up a large but light object, perform the same movement by keeping your arms straight at all times.
      Tina Squatting with TRX ropes
    4. Spiderman pushup - 6 reps per leg
      TRX Spiderman Pushup:1. One leg suspended, the other one is aligned with the suspended leg.2. Get into plank position.3. Lower to a push up while moving in your non suspended leg.4. Straighten your bent leg again and straighten your arms to return to the starting position.
      Option without TRX:Same movement can be done without the straps.Optional: do movement with both feet touching the ground or on your knees as a regular pushupGIF of Tina performing a spider man pushup
    5. Lunge - 6 reps per leg 
      TRX Lunge:
      1. Facing away from the straps, one leg is suspended and bent at 90 degrees.Arms are pointing straight forward for counter balance.2. Lower down while watching that your knee stays in line with your toes. When you feel your hips moving out and your knees caving in, you are past the end position.3. Return to the starting position.

      Option without TRX:Try the movement standing next to a chair in case you need the backrest for balance. Do the same movement by lifting one leg off the ground. Both thighs start at a level position. To help with balancing move the non working leg a little backwards while lowering down. GIF of Tina doing a TRX lunge
    6. Hamstring Curl - 12 reps
      TRX Hamstring curl to bridge
      1. Supine (face up) position, both legs suspended in straps.
      2. Lift off hip to a reverse plank position.
      3. Bend knees, move heels towards buttocks, keep your hip low.
      4. At  90 degree angled knees, lift up your hip to full extension while keeping your knees bent.
      5. Reverse movement.Option without TRX:
      You can perform the same movement with heels on a swiss ball or chair/stool with wheels.
      You can also place heels on a chair or stool and assume end position (4), walk your feet forward towards knee extension while keeping hip square or alternate lifting off heels just 1 inch.Tina TRX hamstring curl


Burpees: 6 reps per leg (or 12 reps for regular burpees)
TRX Burpee:
1. Straps are knee high, one leg is suspended and the other one parallel to the suspended leg in plank position.
2. Do a push up in this position.
3.Bend free leg, place foot on the ground at hip height  - push off to a standing position and hop on that single leg.

Option without TRX: regular burpee, starting in plank position and hopping both legs in to push off.GIF of Tina performing TRX burpee

Cool down: Stretch! May I recommend a few Sun Salutations guided by Margaret Sun? 


  • Madison says...

    So cool, Tina!! Hope you’re doing well! Let’s catch up!

    On October 05, 2020
  • Pepe Gonzalez says...

    Sweet, thanks!

    On April 07, 2020

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