Sports Basement's Snow Trip Essentials

Heading up to Tahoe or your local resort? Well we're pretty excited for you (and a little jealous) so we put together a list of the gear you'll wish you remembered, so you can spend less time on preparation and more time enjoying all that pow.


Winter weather is never predictable so it's important to be safe and prepared. Besides tire chains, Caltrans recommends you stock your car with the items below:

Snow brush & ice scraper - keep your windows clear of snow so you can see it all
Shovel - a lifesaver for when your car gets snowed-in
☐ Blankets & extra clothing - stay comfortable with warm blankets and your favorite hoodie
Gloves - especially helpful for when you're installing chains
Water & snacks - great to have if you're snowed-in, even better to have if you're not
Flashlight - don't forget the batteries!
First aid kit - always a necessity, whether you're snow-bound or not





Here at Sports Basement, we also recommend playing in the snow, a lot. So here's a list of the all gear that'll help you make the most out of those snow days (and keep you comfortable while you're at):

Sleds & saucers
Snowball makers
Snow boots
Warmers (for your hands & toes)
☐ Insulated bottles (maybe for some special libations...)
☐ Winter headwear & scarves 

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