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Sports Basement's COVID-19 Updates

Posted by Aaron Schweifler on

As of March 16th, the Bay Area has been issued a Shelter In Place order, which means that non-essential businesses like ours must be temporarily closed in order to protect our most vulnerable members of our communities. We are happy to do our part to help, and of course we will be protecting the livelihoods of all of our employees during this difficult time. We are still accepting web orders and shipping as quickly as possible while keeping our staff and environments safe. We'll be fulling web orders from select stores (which will remain closed to the public) with teams of 2 staff. They'll be maintaining social distancing and each have their own workstations, computer, packing materials, and equipment to work off of to pack up your order safely. The staff will also have plenty of sanitation products to use while they're working. The only employees that are approved for work are those have confirmed that they do not have any COVID health risks in their household (70+, immune-compromised).

We thank you for your understanding and support, and we look forward to helping you stay active, no matter where you are. Check out our Instagram page for inspiration!

Got questions? We're still workin' (from home). Email and we'll respond promptly.

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  • Do you have BIKE Service open?
    I am looking for Sunnyvale OR Campbell Location.

    Nik on

  • We have season rental skies to return. Try to do it curb side or wait till you open again?

    Jason on

  • Echoing some others: any chance of curbside pickups for online orders of stuff like bicycles or fitness equipment?

    Love my SB. Be well, staffletes!

    Adam on

  • I reached out about returning a purchase I made – I was told in April – But how can i return my item for a full refund when your stores are all closed.

    Mona S on

  • Thank you for your comments! I would love to answer these questions but do not have a way to do so individually! Please email and I would be happy to address individual questions! We do have an update on unused lift tickets, rental returns, purchase returns, bike repairs, and more!

    Anne on

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