Sports Basement’s Absolutely Essential (and Completely Optional) Travel Checklist

This is the packing list we use before embarking on all of our adventures, but feel free to create your own arsenal of travel necessities. You can conveniently find (or rent!) most of these items at Sports Basement, knowing you're choosing the best products on the market. Even though we don't sell everything (our travel buyers just aren't passionate about floss), we think they're important to pack too!

 Pick Your Pack:



  Packing Cubes

  Toiletry Bag

  Fanny Pack/Money Belt

  Camera Case

  Luggage Locks

Keep It Clean:



  Bar Soap






  Skin Care


  Hair Brush



Health & Wellness:

  First-Aid Kit


  Hand Sanitizer

  Reusable Water Bottle


Digital Nomads:

  Camera and Accessories

  Laptop and Accessories

  Electronics Chargers

  Waterproof Phone Case






  Bug Spray


  Flip Flops


On the Way: 

  Travel Pillow

  Eye Mask

  Ear Plugs

  Travel Blanket

  A Good Book



  Collapsible Water Bowl

  Doggie Bags

  Dog Food


  Travel Pillow


  Car Seat

  Kid Carrier

  Favorite Toys

Outdoor Adventures:


  Sleeping Bag

  Sleeping Pad



  Cooking/Eating Utensils



  Garbage Bags

  Camp Furniture



  Toilet Paper

  Sports/Recreation Gear

For the Jetsetters:



  Destination Currency

  Outlet Adapter

  Toilet Paper

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