A Haunted Sports Basement Halloween

Sports Basement is being haunted by a few interesting characters this year. They all love our stores so much they hang out here and have even been known to help out customers (our zombie backpacker is an expert in all things backcountry). They have some pretty good taste in gear so we're showing you how you can dress up like them this Halloween with some of their favorite Sports Basement items. 

 Even the undead love SB:                               

Our staffer, Alyssa, got lost while trying to escape the zombie apocalypse and became a zombie herself! When she ran out of supplies she came to Sports Basement to stock up. What she lacks in human emotion she makes up for in some really great gear. If you're pulling out this look for Halloween, suit up in your backpacking gear then, attach a few dead leaves and cobwebs to your pack and clothes. Use some makeup for a dead-y look, and wear a look of hunger for human flesh. Easy peasy.

There be gold in them shelves:

Rumor has it Ben has been mining for gold at Sports Basement Presidio for years. While he hasn't had much luck, he has always found great deals and gear that are worth their weight in gold. Now, if only he would stop turning the break room into a saloon… All you need for this look are jeans, flannel, hiking boots, and a pan to mine your gold (or collect candy).

Easy breezy:                                                       

These are some of the best and most welcome folks to "haunt" our Sports Basement stores. But if there’s one thing most San Francisco tourists are never ready for, it’s the wind. It never fails to hit in the wrong direction for those Golden Gate Bridge photos. For this look, grab an SF souvenir shirt, a map, and face away from the wind. Bonus points if you’ve got a Pier 39 Souvenir.

A (Sports Basement) pirate's life for me:

Captain Kim is about to sail the seven seas so she's come to Sports Basement to grab all her travel essentials. Her favorite item is the sleep mask which doubles as an eye patch. For this costume, grab a bandana, white shirt, boots, scarf, and of course Mashoonga sword. Perfect for swashbuckling on a pirate ship…or a cruise ocean liner.

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