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Sports Basement's Emergency Kit Checklist

Posted by Erendira Garcia on

The North Bay fires are a reminder that disasters can happen anywhere at any time. The best way to ease your fears and be ready if disaster strikes is to keep an emergency backpack handy at home. That's why we've put together a checklist of some of the most important things you should keep stocked in your backpack.

Many of the items you'll find on the list are items that you should take when you go camping or backpacking so you know that our camp buyers picked packable, high-quality supplies. While you might not find everything on this list at Sports Basement (we don't sell an extra set of your house keys) we do have you covered on the rest. From first aid kits & solar powered chargers to sleeping bags & non-perishable food, you'll rest easy knowing you're prepared no matter what.

Sports Basement's Emergency Checklist:

  Large backpack

   Water (1 gallon per person per day)

   Non-perishable foods

   Manual can opener




   Batteries (in devices and extra)

   Solar chargers

   First Aid kit

   Multipurpose tool


   Toilet paper

   Sanitation & personal hygiene


   Sleeping bag

   Sleeping pad


   Rain poncho


   Extra clothing

   Sturdy shoes

   Dog gear (food, water bowl, leash, collar, etc.)

   Games & toys (for kids)

   Copies of important documents


   Extra set of car and home keys


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