Sports Basement Berkeley's Winter Games

It’s time for the most wonderful and heavily copyrighted sporting event of 2018! You know what we’re talkin’ about - that winter sport competition that happens every four years. You know, the ones with the colorful rings and awards made from precious metals. That competition! Well as you know, winter sports happen to be one of our favorite hobbies (they're the only thing we’ve talked about for months now). And while we can’t participate in the actual Winter Olym- er… Professional Cold Months Global Sport Games, we’re hosting competitions for you to compete in at our Berkeley store!

All athletes will compete to win their choice of either: a free pair of lift tickets to Sierra-at-Tahoe or Homewood Resort or a $50 Sports Basement gift card!

We want you to #goforgold #goforfirstplace!

Here’s how you can participate in the games:

On Friday, Feb. 16 and Friday, Feb. 23 between 12 and 4pm, one of our staffers will be looking for contestants to enter the following events (all with an SB twist):

Speed skating - Nix the skates, we’re doin’ this in socks!
Bobsledding - More like couch-sledding.
Nordic skiing - All the way to the bike department.
or Ice hockey - Brooms for hockey sticks...what the puck?

Participants will compete against each other LIVE on our Instagram so just like the Professional Cold Months Global Sport Games, you’ll have to tune in live to watch! Are you ready to win? We’ll see you at Berkeley on Friday, champs.

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