SB Staff Review: The Only Shorts You Need This Summer

Every once in a while, we reach out to our staffers to ask them to give us their feedback on specific products we sell. This way, we can share their reviews with our customers online in much the same way we chat with customers in our stores. The idea with these staff reviews is to give an honest take on what's good about a product, as well as what's not so great. That format kinda failed this time - everybody loves Vuori shorts. With no caveats, and no exceptions. These reviews just read like love letters, and well, maybe that tells you something all by itself? Anyway, let's skip right into it and hear from Tyler, Grace, and Caleb:


The Vuori Clementine Short

Reviewed by Grace Griffith, Team Sports Staffer at SB Bryant

Let me tell you about my secret running technique: transition.

Moving from Sonoma County to San Francisco felt daunting in the moment, but I ended up loving the city in my own unique way. The beautiful versatility of the Presidio, the lively suburbs of Inner Sunset, all the way back to the colorful culture of the Mission; there’s always something scenic for me to enjoy. If you’re anything like myself, however, you know that sometimes it’s difficult to keep the motivation going for the long distance.

In order to keep myself going I have to change up the pace. From the concrete world of Mission-Dolores to the soft dirt trails at Sutro Tower, Vuori tackles the transition far better than any other clothing brand I've tried. I can’t face the harsh heat of the inner city and tackle the wind chill of the Presidio without Vuori. That versatility and lightweight feel is something I don’t just want out of my running clothes; I need it. If it weren’t for the gear I bring I wouldn’t bother running in the first place. The Clementine Short is just long enough to feel comfortable in short and long distance activity. Mid-rise with a 2.5” inseam and four way stretch fabric make it as easy as breathing to work out in. Breathable, lightweight, and soft, the shorts are a staple piece not only in my running wardrobe, but my casual as well. I can hit the trail early and then easily slide into a late brunch with friends without feeling the need to change.

Vuori keeps up with my pace in activity and leisure. The more time I spend with loved ones and less time changing in front of a mirror adds up to an immeasurable amount of happiness. Transitioning doesn't have to be so hard after all.


The Vuori Kore Short

Reviewed by Tyler Vuong, Team & Fitness Staffer at SB Novato

I'm Tyler Vuong, a currently graduating high school student and staffer at the Novato Sports Basement, splitting my time between a bunch of departments: Fitness, Team Sports, Running, etc. Likewise, I have a long list of hobbies that include surfing, running, and skateboarding, so I need clothes that can handle all of it, at any time. The Vuori Kore Shorts are currently my favorite pair of shorts. I am a big supporter of Vuori and their use of sustainable materials in their clothing, so this was a perfect opportunity for me to express why I think they are the best brand out there.

I get my fitness in surfing at Cronkite Beach or going out on hikes around the amazing area of Marin County. The Vuori Kore Short keeps up with all of it. It's my go-to everyday short, perfect for any lifestyle. I wear these shorts casually but also while I’m working out, skating or even playing spikeball. They are not only made of recycled materials but are also lightweight and breathable due to the 4-way stretch, quick drying, and moisture wicking features. I typically do not like the mesh liners in shorts, but these include a breathable mesh boxer brief liner that has comfort like no other. Get some water on them or take a dip in the pool, these guys will dry up in no time.

This short is for you if you need something all-purpose for your various activities or hobbies. They're light on your body and have enough stretch to move around freely with absolutely no restrictions. The elastic drawstring waistband makes for a nice snug fit with easy adjustability. Not only do you look good wearing this short, you also feel good. As an owner of 4 pairs I can easily say these are the best shorts I have ever worn. They perform great in all situations and I never have any issues at all with these shorts. As an added bonus, they come in so many amazing colors and multiple inseams: 5 inch for a shorter athletic fit or 7.5 inch for your classic athletic fit. My personal favorite is the 5 inch inseam, falling several inches above the knee. I feel it provides a great freedom and comfort. The Kore Short is the most versatile pair of shorts on the market to date - it's as simple as that.


The Vuori Banks Short

Reviewed by Caleb Luis, Fitness Staffer at SB Novato

My name is Caleb Luis and I’m a Novato student, recently graduated from San Marin High School. I love the outdoors, especially everything in and around the water. My whole life, I’ve been extremely active and I love exploring and trying new things.

The first time I gave the Vuori Banks shorts a shot was about a year ago, and since then my wardrobe has become more and more dominated by the brand. I’m a huge fan of the message they embody about sustainability through recycled materials and carbon neutrality. Despite their high quality and ethical manufacturing, the shorts still remain at a solid price point . At this moment in time, I own four pairs of the Banks shorts and three of the Kore, so if you happen to run into me during the summer, odds are I’m wearing Vuori.

The Banks shorts have followed me everywhere from the beach to the trails to the gym and everywhere in between. They are my go-to for anything aquatic since they dry faster than my normal board shorts. They’re incredibly well ventilated and do a fantastic job at keeping me from overheating. It doesn't hurt that they also look great at the same time. On top of functionality, the shorts are extremely comfortable, so they’re my first choice for leisure clothing as well. Overall, the versatility, the quality, and the sustainability of the Vuori Banks shorts is unparalleled at this price, and I really can't say enough good things about Vuori itself. Try them and you'll see what I mean.

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