SB Staff Review: The Therabody Theragun


Reviewed by Anna Guzman, Sunnyvale Assistant General Manager

Being an athlete almost all of my life, I have always known that recovery is just as important as the workout. Even knowing this, I’ve struggled to make it a main focus to my daily routine. I have purchased foam rollers and stick rollers in hopes to kick start me into this new found recovery routine. Sad to say, neither have really stuck as part of my routine. I have always loved massages, but I know that wouldn't be practical for my budget or time. And then, Sports Basement started carrying the Therabody Theragun! After tinkering with the Theragun, it sparked my interest - it’s so small but powerful and effective. I realized this really could be the ticket to creating a recovery routine that would work for me.

Therabody offers 4 different models of their Theragun percussion therapy devices. They have the Mini, Prime, Elite, and Pro options varying from $199-600, depending on what you are looking for. My personal favorite and ultimately my purchase was the Theragun Elite ($399). I chose this option because of my background as a semi-professional athlete. I needed to help improve my muscle recovery and increase my range of motion after a workout. The Elite option has a triangular handle that makes it easier to hold in order to reach different areas of the body. Added bonus is that the Theragun takes very little physical exertion compared to the upper body workout that happens when trying to foam roll out your quads. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your couch while watching TV.

After I got it, I was excited to test out Therabody’s app and learn about all the features that came along with my Theragun. The app displays the ideal movement patterns, amount of force, and location of the main muscle groups that should be focused on based on what type of workout I was about to do or did. The app offers in-depth tutorials on how to use the Theragun’s different pressure ranges on various muscles across the entire body. It was really cool to be able to use my phone to adjust the pressure as I was using it.

While there aren't really any down sides to the Theragun, the only struggle I'm having is taming my 8 month old puppy to not bark at me while using it. It’s one of the quietest Theragun models so I’m thinking the real problem is me not giving him all my attention, all the time. I have been really happy now that I’ve added the Theragun to my routine - it is so easy to bring along anywhere I need it and it lived up to the hype! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to bring a fast and easy recovery program to their routine.

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