Santa Rosa Keeps It Green

Santa Rosa is almost done! We can't wait for you to see the store in all of its Sports Basement-y glory. We've already got our name tag on now we just need the right sized apron...

We’re pouring lots of love into our Santa Rosa store, but before all of our hand-picked products settle into their new home, we’ve fixed the place up Sports Basement style with our traditionally untraditional furniture and fixin’s. From wooden pallets to old dressers, recycling has never looked so good.

Adopting furniture instead of buying it new is not only stylish, it’s green! When we upcycle pipes into racks and crates into product displays, they get to skip the landfill. We think they’re much happier hanging out with you at Sports Basement.

But the furniture that warms our heart the most are our crates. We’ve got history with these guys. They were found in Santa Rosa by founding partner Tom Phillips, who gave them an exciting new life in all of our Sports Basement stores in the form of Crate Deals (we're hilarious, we know). Now, our deals are "crate" throughout our stores, and the crates themselves are returning to their homeland in Santa Rosa where they will continue to display wonderful products, quirky signs, and live full product-ive (get it?) lives.

A total throwback! Definitely not shot on iPhone.

Sports Basement just wouldn’t be Sports Basement without a few so-ugly-they’re-cute couches. As we sawed and drilled in Santa Rosa, we were on the lookout for any local couches that needed a new home. At the first sign of a potential candidate, our highly trained couch acquisition team was on it. Thanks to them, we have a great gang waiting to make your next visit comfy.

Otis the Dog approves.

We can’t wait to show off all these cool fixtures (and the even cooler products they’re holding) when we open our Sports Basement doors to you, Santa Rosa! We’ll see you at our Grand Opening on July 15th!

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  • Shulee says...

    Yeah! for finding a new home for perfectly usable furniture and not increasing the size of our land filling areas. I can’t wait to come shop.

    On June 22, 2017

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