Prep Your Skis and Snowboards with Sports Basement

Temperatures are finally starting to drop around the bay, the rain is finally comin’ in, and we can almost see the snow coming. While you wait for your favorite lifts to open, it’s time to prep your skis and boards so you can start the season off with an awesome run like our snow buyer, Jennifer:

Pre-season prep:

You should always get your skis and board checked and tuned before going on your first runs of the season. You want to make sure any loose screws are tightened, your bindings are sturdy, your edges are sharp, and your bases are waxed and ready. After all, the adrenaline rush should come from gliding down the mountain not from suddenly tumbling down it.

Give your skis and board the maintenance and treatment they deserve at our ski shops. From a wax to a total tune up, our skilled ski gurus will give your gear everything they need to perform their best. Our brand new, completely incredible, super exciting Wintersteiger Mercury is going to give your gear the best tune of their life! This machine gives each ski and board perfectly ground edges, and a structured, polished and waxed base, all in less than 45 seconds. ‘Woah’, is right. See it in action:

If you’re just looking for a wax, our new Wintersteiger Wax Future uses infrared technology to penetrate wax deep into the base of snowboards and skis. Thanks to these robots, you'll be gliding longer and faster. 

On the slope:

Once they’re prepped and primed, keep your ski and boards performing for as long as possible by taking care of them on the mountain too.

Avoid unnecessary damage by avoiding dark patches of snow where rocks may be lurking. There are only so many times your edges and bases can handle rocky encounters before their integrity is compromised.

After a long day on the mountain, check your gear for any maintenance they might need, especially if you like catching air or riding rails. Look out for loose bolts or screws, dull or damaged edges, and scratches or holes in the base. A little TLC in between runs will keep your skis in shape for the long run.

Transport & storage

Of course, we know you would never ever drag your gear on the floor but junior skiers and snowboarders might not be so cautious. Protect your gear from early edge repairs by making sure they are always carried and never dragged behind. You’ll save time and money on maintenance and get an arm workout for the day.

While your gear can handle the outdoor elements (since, you know, they’re for the outdoors), it’s still important to keep them protected on your way to and from the mountain. If exposed on a roof rack, they can rust and get damaged by road chemicals picked up by snow and rain so give ‘em a rinse when you’re done driving. We recommend transporting them in an enclosed roof rack container or inside of your car if there’s room.

Thule Force XL Roof Box

When you’re storing them (whether it’s for the season or the week), make sure they’re completely dry and stored in a ski bag or container away from moisture so your tips and edges don’t rust.

Salomon Extend 1-Pair Padded 160-185 Ski Bag

Rome SDS Roadie Snowboard Bag

We know our customers are experts when it comes to gear. Leave your tips for prepping your gear and keeping them in mountaintop shape in the comments below! 

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