Matt's Beginner's Guide to Tahoe

Join Matt on the slopes as he gives you all the tips and tricks you didn't know you needed to have a great time skiing and snowboarding in Tahoe!


  • Tony says...

    Matt, make sure your helmet strap is done up!
    Also, if you have never skied or snowboarded before, then take a few lessons – it will help you enjoy either sport much more quickly and may prevent serious injuries.

    On February 10, 2022
  • Crystal M Campisi says...

    Hi Matt,
    Great video! Nice job skiing with a GoPro and selfie stick! I woulda liked to see the intro part where you were falling, but the words covered it up, so we couldn’t see…. how did you fall for so long??
    Maybe next time you could cover some of your favorite runs @ Palisades, we’d love to know!
    Also, question: Why aren’t discounted lift tickets included in the bus trips as in the past? We have to pay full price for the lift ticket, making the bus trip not a great deal. Is it Palisades not offering them?

    On February 09, 2022

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