Makeshift Vasa Trainer

If you don’t know, vasa trainers are like row machines for swimmers. They provide resistance to improve stroke strength, power and technique. However they are expensive and I’d vouch to say that most swimmers do not have a vasa trainer lying around their house. So in order to stay in good swimming shape while staying at home, I got creative with stretch bands to create my own vasa trainer. See my how to steps outlined below:

Items needed:

  1. Swim Paddles
  2. Bench
  3. 3 Power Loop Bands
  4. 1 Flat Stretch Band
  5. A tree or something heavy/rooted down to pull from.
  6. Blocks/Sand Bags to elevate the bench on one side.

How to assemble your makeshift vasa trainer:

1. Thread a power loop band through the top of the swim paddle.


2. Create a loop knot with the power loop band.

Loop knotted through a swim paddle.


3. Thread one end of the flat stretch band through the loop knot of the power loop band and tie off with an overhand knot, making sure the knot is tight.


4. Take another power loop band and create a loop knot around a tree or heavy item and thread the other side of the flat band through the loop.


5. Measure both sides of the flat band so they are equal, then tie off the flat band at the power loop on the tree so it doesn’t slide while you are swimming.


6. Take the loose end of the flat band and repeat steps 1-3 with the other swim paddle.


7. Position a bench about 2-3 feet from the tree.

8. Elevate the bench on the side closest to the tree so that you’ll have room to complete a full stroke and the paddle doesn’t hit the ground. I used sand bag weights that I had lying around my house.

9. Your makeshift vasa trainer is now ready for you to swim your little heart out! Remember to keep a high elbow!



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