Matt Takes On The Leadville 100: Video #1

Ever wondered what it's like to be so badass that you qualify for the "race of all races" Leadville 100? Wonder no more! Sports Basement resident badass Matt Gough qualified this year and he's been kind enough to let us all ride his virtual coattails right over the finish line. He's riding hard, training harder, and napping hardest, and he'll be vlogging (do people still say that?), writing and posting about it all between now and race day. Click that video below and be sure to expand to full screen: you're not going to want to miss a pixel of this!
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  • Matt Gough says...

    Thanks for all the kind words folks!

    @John, the dropper adds some weight, but I love being able to get my seat out of the way on downhills! On the tires, in full agreement! Any suggestions there?

    @Aniesha Thank you!

    @Kauri No hitch extender needed! I don’t remember the exact brand of hitch, but I bought and had it installed at U-haul.

    On June 03, 2021
  • john says...

    You won’t need the dropper @ Leadville. Maybe, get some lower rolling resistance tires…
    Best destiny.

    On June 01, 2021
  • Aniesha Sapp says...

    Looking forward to seeing more of your journey. Awesome start.

    On June 01, 2021
  • Kauri says...

    Awesome! I also liked seeing that the Kuat Sherpa rack works with your 3rd gen RAV4’s rear door and spare tire setup! Were you able to set it up without a hitch extender, just attaching the rack to an aftermarket (I’m guessing Curt) hitch? I’ve been indecisive between Kuat’s Sherpa rack and the (less expensive) Kuat Transfer rack, trying to decide which one will work better with my RAV4. Thank you!

    On June 01, 2021

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