How to TRX

Written by Breanna Behnke, Gym Accessories Buyer


10-15 reps of each exercise

Row: 1. Start in a reverse table top position, knees at a 90 degree bend, arms extended, head in-line with the body with chin slightly tucked. 2. Keeping the elbows in towards the body, row up until the elbows are at a 45 degree angle next to the ribs.

Tricep Extension: 1. Face away from the TRX anchor, leaning forward, bend the elbows so they are pointing forward and up, hands come to just behind the head. 2. Press the hands up above the head straightening the elbows.

Bicep Curl: 1. Face towards the TRX anchor, leaning back, arms extended, hands face up holding onto the handles. 2. Bend the elbows, keeping them pointed forward and bring the hands next to the ears.



10-15 reps of each exercise

V-Up: 1. Laying down on your back, holding onto the loops of the straps. 2. With straight legs, feet flexed, crunch the torso and legs up into a “V” position, arms fly up and out to the side.

Side Oblique: 1. Pull one of the handles through the loop of the other so you are holding onto only one handle. Standing with one side of the body to the TRX anchor, feet together, both hands holding onto the handle. Hands come to the top of the head, elbows bent and pointing out away from the head. Leaning out away from the anchor, stretching the side body into a bow like position. 2. Contract those side oblique muscles, pushing the hips into the opposite direction, towards the anchor. Switch to the other side. 

Pike Up: 1. Feet in the loops of the handles. Start in a plank position, feet suspended in the TRX. 2. Scoop the abs up and in, send the hips up to the sky, the head goes between the shoulders and feet pull in towards the face.



10-15 reps of each exercise

Pistol Squat: 1. Holding onto the handles, extend one leg straight out, flexing the foot up towards the sky. Squat down on the standing leg until the leg is at 45 degree angle. 2. While pushing into the heel of the leg and squating up, engaging the biceps pull up assisting with the squat, the elevated leg bends at a 90 degree angle at the knee, knee up towards the torso. 3. Pivot forward at the hips, shooting the elevated leg out behind, arms shoot out in the opposite direction, elbows next to the ears. Switch legs. 

Curtsy Lunge: 1. Holding onto the handles, feet at shoulder width apart. 2. Lunge back bringing the knee directly behind the front foot’s heel. Switch sides.

Squat: 1. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, feet pointed slightly out, holding onto the handles, sit back into a squat position with the knees coming to a 45 degree angle. 2. Pulling up on the handles, push the hips forward and flex the glutes.



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