Five Ways to Declutter Your Mind

It goes without saying that we all have moments of worry and anxiety, especially right now - and that's perfectly ok. There's a good reason those things are coming up. But when our thoughts get stuck on repeat, there's things we can do to quell the over thinking. Here are a few tips that you can utilize to break the negative thought cycles.

1. Get some fresh air (even if it's just by the window) 

The easiest thing we can do for our mental health is to take a moment for a few deep breaths. Deep breathing has a range of benefits from calming the mind to boosting your immune system - something we all need. During these breaths, think about breathing out the stale, heavy thoughts and breathing in light, fresh energy. 

2. Clean 

Get out of your head and into the cleaning supply cabinet! Performing a basic task like cleaning forces your brain to shift from ruminating on "what ifs" to focusing the job at hand. Start out with a simple cleaning activity like vacuuming or wiping down countertops to help build momentum for bigger undertakings. If you're looking to really go big here, check out our Buyer, Casey's, guide for organizing your gear storage space.

3. Ground yourself

Over thinking can quickly take us out of our bodies and the current moment. A good way to bring your awareness back to the current moment is by getting grounded. Tune into all five of your senses. What's going on around you right now? Are there birds chirping outside? How does your afternoon cup of tea smell? How does it taste? How do the socks on your feet feel? How does the light look in your home at this hour?

4. Write it down

This method can be especially helpful when the overthinking sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. Keep some pen and paper near your bed and the next time your thoughts keep you up, jot them down and get them out of your head. Try to avoid turning a light or your phone on to do this as the light might wake you up more. Keeping a journal or diving into some creative writing can also be good outlets.

5. Dance it out!

What is a better mood changer than music? Whether you are quarantined alone, with a couple of roommates or your partner and crazy kids (who no doubt have some extra energy to spare right now), everyone can benefit from an impromptu living room dance party. 

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