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What is it about the lower halves of human bodies that just defies reason? Shopping for a snow jacket is a manageable task, but pants? Pants are a pain. They don't look anything like how they fit, and grabbing every single pair and traipsing to the dressing room to try them all on is just not feasible. We're here to help! Our buyers spend a lot of time selecting the snow pants we sell to make sure they cover as many needs as possible. And now, we're here to pass on that knowledge to you - flowchart style.

Men's Snow Pants (the left side)

The North Face Powder Guide Pant

The North Face Men's Powder Guide Pants - $249

Let's just get this out of the way - yes, they're GORE-TEX 2L, yes they're (significantly) less than $300. Yes, they've got all the features you're about to ask about, and yes, they come in lengths (Regular, Long and Short).

Marmot Spire Bib

Marmot Men's Spire Bib - $390

Marmot's best-in-class bib pant might very well be one of the best pants we sell. The GORE-TEX 3L shell is fully seam-taped, but honestly it's that super tall grampa waistband that's gonna do the heavy lifting. You'll have to work hard to get any snow sneaking its way into your Underoos in these bad boys.

Helly Hansen Force Pant

Helly Hansen Men's Force Pant - $275

Sleek and stylish is your game and these Helly Hansen Force Pants are here to play. With 4-way stretch, you’ll shred down the mountain with ease and slide into Happy Hour lookin’ just as rad. People still say rad right?

Burton Southside Pant Slim Fit

Burton Men's Southside Pant Slim Fit - $179.95

More of a shredder than a skier? Say no more. Burton’s Southside pant will give you the tech you need without cramping your style. You’re going to look so cool when you’re comin’ in hot.

North Face Freedom Pant

The North Face Men's Freedom Pant - $140

Maybe you’re going in a little rusty. Okay fine, maybe really rusty. Well, the good news is that your learning curve will be much smaller than a beginner’s (and less painful). Grab the North Face’s Freedom Pant to give you the mobility you need as your muscle memory kicks in.

Arc'Teryx Iser Pant

Arc'Teryx Men's Iser Pant - $475

That black diamond run ain’t got nothin’ on you when you’re in these babies. A GoreText fabric, flannel lining, and powder cuffs keep you warm and dry the whole way down. The trim, slim fit moves with you on every turn and trick.

North Face Seymour Pant

The North Face Men's Seymore Pant- $99

Let’s face it, when you’re starting out, you spend about 80% of the time getting up close and personal with the ground. Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it soon, but in the meantime, keep yourself warm and dry with the North Face Seymore Pant. And don’t forget to ice your bruises.

White Sierra Toboggan Insulated Pant

White Sierra Men's Toboggan Insulated Pant - $60

Sometimes “hitting the slopes” involves a snow tube on small, groomed hills and your “lift” is a rope tow dragging you uphill on said snow tube. If that's on your snow itinerary, the White Sierra Toboggan pant is going to be your new best friend. Only $60 and capable of handling even the most extreme snowball fights, this pant is perfect for the ultimate snow play day.


Now, many of you might be rightfully wondering, "What about plus sizes?" Our buyers were wondering the exact same thing. But the options this year were not so great. Next year, we'll be bringing in some excellent women's plus size options, and hopefully after that we'll find something high quality for men's big and tall as well. Now, onto...

Women's Snow Pants (the right side)

Roxy Rushmore 2L Gore-Tex Pant

Roxy Women's Rushmore 2L GORE-TEX Pant - $280

Alright, we hear ya: no frills, no fluff, all function. These’ll be your best bet against snow with Gore-Tex (of course), fully taped seams, and flexible boot gaiters. We think they’re pretty good lookin’ too.

Helly Hansen W. Bellissimo Pant

Helly Hansen Women's Bellissimo Pant - $225

Who says you gotta sacrifice fashion for function. Not us, and certainly not Helly Hansen. A slim fit with a 4 way stretch make these the yoga leggings of snow pants. Your ski skills and your Instagram pictures just got elevated.

North Face STH Pant

The North Face Women's Apex STH Pant - $160

Turn heads on the Apres Ski scene happy hour in the sleek and chic Apex STH pant. The slim fit, soft shell design is tough enough for you to work your skills on the mountain and comfy enough for you to work the room. Grab us a hot toddy while you're makin' the rounds.

Burton Vida Pant

Burton Women's Vida Pant - $159.95

Your style says: “I didn't just come here to play. I came here to play hard,” and Burton’s Vida pant says just that. At under $200, it also says you won’t have to work too hard to get ’em.

The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant

The North Face Women's Freedom Insulated Pant - $160

While the goal might be to stand upright, you wanna be covered in case (read: when) you hit the snow. Insulation keeps you warm in low temps while the articulated knee patch gives you enough mobility to get used to the whole pizza/french-fry concept. (Available in regular, short, and long.)

Arc'Teryx W Astryl Pant

Arc'Teryx Women's Astryl Pant - $549

Falling into the snow while skiing? That’s half the fun! Arc’Teryx’s Astryl pant is exactly what you need to roll ‘round in powder all day and stay dry. The powder cuffs will also make sure your feet don't turn into blocks of ice.

The North Face W Sally Pant

The North Face Women's Sally Pant - $99

There’s nothing like the sheer panic you get when you realize you’re going way too fast and have no idea how to stop when you’re first learning to ski. The adrenaline rush may be universal but pant lengths are not. Find the right fit with the North Face Sally Pant (in short, regular, and long).

White Sierra W Toboggan Insulated Pant

White Sierra Women's Toboggan Insulated Pant- $60

To you, snow days mean snowball fights, snow angels, and repeatedly falling into fresh powder until you can’t get up anymore. An easy but durable pant is right up your alley and the toasty, waterproof Toboggan pant from White Sierra will be a perfect fit. And it’s only $60! Score.


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