Family Adventure Hike at Terra Linda & Sleepy Hollow Open Space

Title: Shelter in the Greatest Place overlaid on a photo of two children running happily down a trail in Marin.

If you are looking for an awesome space for the little ones to burn off some energy, then look no further than these little-known trails in Marin. My family and I have visited this spot everyday since the quarantine began, and there are plenty of wide open trails for running, jumping and exploring. Several of the trails are stroller, bike and dog friendly with epic photo ops for your insta pages. Keep in mind: there are no restrooms on the trails, so go before you have to go!

Honestly, I love this area because it is “wild” enough for a kid to feel free, but closed enough that you can catch them if they wander too far. Even though we're not venturing far from home, we feel like we're worlds away. You can make this trip as long or as short as you want it to be with several turn back areas and photo ops. Even in the rain, we have mapped our favorite puddle spots, tree stumps, and fallen logs to jump and explore. We just love this area - this hike is our family’s favorite part of the day. We plan to go back every day, rain or shine!


Family Adventure Hike at Terra Linda & Sleepy Hollow Open Space

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