Everybody Gets a Wave!

Title: Shelter in the Greatest Place laid over a photo of an old fashioned double sided lamp post being engulfed by an orange tree ladened with fruit.

Sunnyvale merchandiser Mercedes, shares how she manages to socialize while social distancing and sheltering-in-place!

Selfie of mercedes while she walks her dog on a leash.A wave of the hand: the single thing that has brought me the most joy and comfort during this time. It’s not something I usually do. I smile or give a nod of the head once in awhile, but you would have had to catch me in a pretty excited mood to throw out a wave. But given the circumstances, I’m getting back-to-Mr. Rogers-basics, if you will. I’ve been taking daily walks around the same time every day, waving, and saying “Hello”, and “How are you?” to everyone I pass (at a 6-foot distance, of course) across the street. 

Other than building a sense of community, waving and walking has turned into a little adventure where I’ve gotten to explore the neighborhood where I’ve lived for the past four years in a deeper way. Since I’m not rushing, I’m able to really look around, take different routes, and notice at all the little things. And I've even met some people I hope to see again after all this is over.

Try it for yourself, and show us some of the cool little things you see by tagging @sportsbasement on Instagram!

Pumpkin with sunglasses on while outside of house.

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