Dry Land Ski Workout

I would like to preface this by acknowledging I am not a trainer nor a PT, just a person who likes to ski. Take this workout as a suggestion and incorporate the exercises into your fitness routine as you see fit! Let’s earn some turns right from home, no equipment needed.

Warm up: 

Quick cardio workout: get things moving 

Start with a few minutes (5-15) of cardio to get your blood flowing and your muscles ready to work. At the gym I generally warm up on the treadmill, but for home workouts start with a jog around the block or maybe a quick jaunt on the trainer if you have one.

For a quicker warmup, I alternate between jumping jacks and high knee runs in place. They’re a nice alternative to work within spacial limitations.

Get moving:

Pistol squats: x3 each leg
  1. Pistol squats train balance and full body coordination while activating your core and legs. Get your brain-body connectivity going.
  2. Balance on one foot. Raise the other leg slightly and keep it in the air while you sink into a controlled squat. The challenge is rising back up with the leg still in the air! Press into the ground evenly through your standing leg and keep your core engaged.

Laura performing pistol squats.

Box jumps: x10

I had a low deck to jump on, but any flat, stable surface will do. Squat into an aerobic jump and then step back down.
  • Add height (or ski boots) for more of a challenge.
  • Laura performing box jumps.


    Impact (or “eccentric”) training:

    Skiing places an incredible amount of force on our knees and legs. We can help prepare them for this shock by introducing it slowly, so your first turns of next season don’t wipe you out completely. These exercises have been curated specifically for Olympic ski athletes, and are known as the Leg Blaster. When you get closer to ski season and are comfortable with the basics, try doubling each exercise for a deeper burn.

    Air squats x10
    • These are essentially quick squats. Keep your knees tracking over your toes and try to keep your torso more upright than I did!

    Laura performing Air Squats

    In place lunges x10, 5 each leg alternating

    • Standing tall, take a step forward and lunge. Your knee might just touch the ground. Channel your inner telemark skier.

    Laura performing in-place lunges

    Jump lunges x10, 5 each leg alternating

    • This is where things really start to burn, but you’ll be glad for this exercise when you’re plowing through pow.
    • Stand tall then jump from lunge to lunge, alternating which leg shifts forward. Your knee might justttt touch the ground. Track your knees over your toes and imagine you’re in some deep snow.

    Jump lunges

    Jump squats x5

    • Finish this section of the exercise strong, dropping into a low squat and springing into the air.

    Laura performing jump squats

    Full body:

    Phew! Thighs and booty should be burning by now. Let’s take things down to the ground and crosstrain the core for a full body experience.

    Single leg hip press x20, x10 each leg
    1. Lay on the ground, feet hip width apart and raise one leg to the sky.
    2. Press your flexed foot up into the air, keeping your pelvis level. Lower and repeat, leg raised perpendicular to the ground the whole time.

    laura performing a single leg hip press

    Plank into side to side ab twist x20, 10 each side

    1. Balance in a forearm plank.
    2. Twist side to side quickly, touching each hip to the ground.
    3. You should feel a nice burn in your sides as your full core engages.

    Laura doing plank hip rotations.

    Russian twists (with or without weight) x20, 10 each side

    1. I like to start this one laying down and then raising my legs and torso simultaneously in a semi-crunch position. This helps get your core engaged and ready to go.
    2. Try to stabilize the legs in a slight bend, and then twist your torso side to side. Add some weight if you want by holding an actual weight, a ski boot, your kid, whatever you like.
    Laura performing Russian twists

    Final moves:

    Almost finished! Bring your energy back down with some final moves.

    Wall sits for as long as you can stand!
    1. Lean against a wall, and sink your hips down until your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle. You should look like a kid’s drawing of a chair.
    2. Hang out as long as you can. Good time to call your mom (GNAR points!), read a book, or listen to some music. Raise your hands out in front of you for an added challenge.


    1. Now that you’re all sweaty (read: warm muscles), it's the perfect time to stretch out your muscles a bit.
    2. I would recommend some hamstring stretches to balance out some of the pain you worked on your body today. Stand a couple feet from the wall, lunge one leg forward and press against the wall with your hands. Ahhhh.
    3. Step away from the wall and fold over at the hips, again releasing the hamstrings.
    4. Once you come back up, step one leg forward into a small lunge. Raise your arms into the air and press your back leg forward in a straight line. This should feel pretty wonderful on your hip flexors.

    Nailed it! Hope you enjoyed the workout and that it gets you stoked for your next trip to the mountain.

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