DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

Need an outlet for your kid's (or your roommates??) excess energy? The answer for me and my son Aiden was an at-home obstacle course! You can get as creative as your imagination will take you with an obstacle course. I already had a few ideas in mind, but I'm not gonna lie, I looked through Pinterest and web searches for some ideas that I could incorporate into ours.

Our obstacle course started in our garage and went around the side of the house and into the back yard. If you don't have as much room to work with or if you live in an apartment, you can certainly get creative with your space and the items you have to make it work, and I've provided some suggestions below! Just be sure to time your racer so that you can challenge him to beat his time (thus extending the energy-burning power of the obstacle course).

Here's a rundown on what our obstacle course entailed:

Station 1: Jump Rope x 5 - Aiden is just learning how to jump rope, so he had to jump rope 5 times before moving on, but if you have someone more advanced, find a challenging number of reps!

Station 2: Bear Crawl - We used some folding chairs we had, along with some towels to make sure he stayed low. Some other options for this would be using dining room chairs and using couch cushions as the barrier to stay low.

Station 3: Stepping Stones - The object here is not to touch the ground while stepping from "stone" to "stone". We used dumbbells for our stepping stones, but other options would be actual stepping stones or pillows (if you're indoors).

Station 4: Zig Zag - Out the garage door we go! It's time to get agile as you weave in and out of the garbage can maze! If you're doing this indoors you could use garbage cans from around the house, or empty shipping boxes or suitcases.

Station 5: High Step - It's time to get the legs moving as you high step over a rope! If you don't have rope, you could use some towels.

Station 6: Balance Beam - Now that you've gone sideways and up and down it's time to see if you can keep your balance on the balance beam! We had some bricks and wooden boards to use, but another great option is to just create a line with tape.

Station 7: Make a Basket - Get your athletic side revved up and make a basket! You can't move on until you get one in.

Station 8: Kick a Goal x 2 - We used our Pugg goals that we got from Sports Basement and decided to test out our kicking skills. Make one goal, then move onto the next. No goal? No problem, use your imagination for anything that looks like a goal at home (a basket, or table legs).

Station 9: Boulder Mover - It's time to test your strength as you move 2 "boulders" from one area to another. We have medicine balls which worked great, but if you don't have medicine balls you can put some canned food in a tote bag!

Station 10: Hop Hop Finish - The end has finally arrived as you hop hop hop over line, tape, rolled up towels, pool noddles (you get the idea...).

Some other ideas of stations that may interest you:

Hoola Hoops
Ball Toss into a basket
Hang a target and throw a football at it

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