Creating a Relaxing Bath Night

A nice warm bath can be the perfect way to end your day. Or start it. Whatever works for you. Whether it’s to chill out after a stressful day or just to relax your body and muscles, I think baths are a great way to treat yourself without going anywhere or doing much! Yes, you’re right by the toilet, but just close your eyes and you’re at the spa! Here are some of the different ways you can create a relaxing bath night.

General tips for bathing:

  • Start filling the tup with just warm water. You can add hot later. 
  • You’ll need at least 20 minutes to fully situate yourself and just relax for a bit! 
  • Take a quick shower. It’s a reality. You can shower before or after. I choose after.

Natural things to put in your bath:

  • Sliced Citrus - Lemons, oranges, grapefruit. These are all great citrus options that help brighten up your skin. Although be warned! Make sure you have no open wounds or be prepared to feel a sting of regret. I used 1 lemon and some of an orange. Sure you can use more, but I’d rather eat those oranges! Bath tub full of water and slices of citrus
  • Eucalyptus leaves (or the essential oil) - Eucalyptus helps me breathe easy and also I think it makes my muscles feel relaxed. I used just a handful of dried leaves and crush them a little to release the smells and I also used a few drops of essential oil.
  • Flowers (dried are good too) -  My favorites are jasmine and lavender. I buy lavender in the summer and dry it for decoration and baths! Just a few drops of the essential oil works nicely too.
  • Oatmeal - This one’s a great moisturizing bath option! You can grind up some rolled oats from your pantry and dissolve it into your bath. It’s great for itchy or dry skin. 
  • Sea Salt or Sugar - I wouldn’t dump into a bath, but instead use them as a skin exfoliant. Choosing sugar or salt will depend on your skin tolerance for scratching. I like coarse grains so I use sea salt which I grind to the size of my liking. Sugar is usually a lot finer which is great for sensitive skin. 

Create the atmosphere

  • Remove any obstructions or unwanted things! I can’t enjoy myself if there’s clutter or the toilet seat is up. Make the space look nice! 
  • Put out some flowers. I always keep dried flowers up here on the wall so we’re all set there! 
  • Turn your lights down. If you have an overhead light, turn it off and use candles, tea lights, or that sweet lava lamp.
  • If you want to read or glass of wine while you bathe I recommend either a side table, wide tray, or a plank of finished wood to go over your tub.I also have a nightlight and this little inflatable Luci lantern hanging from my shower curtain rod so I can still read.
  • I have a personal no-screen rule for my baths. If watching a movie is your thing, silence notifications and don't let yourself multi-task with social media or email! (And also please be careful as we all know electronics and water don't go together). 

Rachel's bath full of citrus peels, a book on a plank of wood over the bath tub, and a lantern hanging over head.


Now enjoy some well-deserved you time!

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