Cat and Cow Pose with a Dog

Our furry friends are so excited to have all this time with their humans! Walnut Creek Marketer, Mariel noticed that her pup is especially interested in joining in with these yoga poses. Graham made balancing a little more challenging with Cat/Cow.  Try out some of your favorite poses with your pets and tag us @sportsbasement!

To start: Get on all fours, making sure wrists are right under shoulders and knees directly under hips. Start in a neutral position tightening your core before moving into these poses:   

Cow Pose - As you inhale, Lift your tailbone to the sky, drop your belly and look up.  Chin and chest also lift, making a crescent shape.  
Mariel in cow pose with her dog Graham on her back
Cat Pose - Tuck your tailbone in, arching your back up to the sky while looking down at your belly button.  Release your crown to the floor.  
Mariel in Cow Pose with Graham laying on his back underneath her.
Flow between the two poses to warm up the body and bring flexibility to the spine. And then make sure to get into puppy kisses pose:
Mariel holding her dog while he tries to kiss her.

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