Running in Blackstone Canyon & Stacking Rocks

Read our Novato store Marketer Jeff Thomas's thoughts on his Marin County Hike.

As I reflect on what’s happening, I try to take into account all the various emotions surrounding this pandemic. And the range could not be more clearly demonstrated than when logging on to social media. I understand this is serious and should be treated as such. However, I also appreciate those who choose to see the silver lining in this situation. And as humans, I hope we all make an effort to really sympathize and support each other.

Trail Entrance image.My silver lining is enjoying more outdoor time. It allows me time to truly reflect & contemplate my part on the whole situation. Running into beautiful Blackstone Canyon on Horne Trail could not be a more perfect place. This easy to follow trail is lush with plants and trees while the creek trickles along at your every step. From frogs and newts to birds and rabbits, keep your eyes peeled for the little critters enjoying this habitat with you. At the end of the main trail, there is a small waterfall where I took 20 minutes to listen to the creek while building a rock stack. It was the most peaceful 20 minutes I’ve experienced in days. With the 3 mile round trip, easily accessible and clearly marked trail, I highly recommend this trail to those who need an escape or a place to think.

However this pandemic affects you and your loved ones, I urge you to find the silver linings and continue to push forward. Go for a run, take a hike. Breathe some fresh air. Take time to think about how ALL of us are affected (because all of us really are affected). And remember to take the time to find the silver linings.

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  • Hannah Atkinson says...

    Thank you for sharing about how your outdoor hiking/running helps you get more in touch with what is important to you and a better perspective, and sounds like gratitude is there too.

    On March 19, 2020

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