Being Noa's Dad

My daughter, Noa turned one this week and what a year it has been…. For most of my life, I didn’t think I wanted kids. I was happy competing in triathlons, training for that next running race/challenge, traveling, spending time with family and friends. But as my wife and I got closer to getting married, we started having different conversations. As we get older together, where will we plant our roots? Where do we actually see ourselves in 5 years, doing what? Where will our fulfillment and meaning outside of work and travel come from? All of the answers to these questions led us to start our own family.

I have very close ties with my family although they are spread throughout the US: Maine, Texas, Kansas, and Ohio, to be exact. The relationship I have with my parents is special. They have always been there for me, encouraging me to be my best, inspiring me to work harder, lifting me up, and motivating me through all of life’s challenges, always so supportive and loving - I knew I wanted to do that and be that for my own child(ren)...still TBD. So, here I am with a one-year-old and as a first-time parent - this past year has easily been one of the most fulfilling, profound, and impactful years of my life.

Noa sitting on a chair wearing a rainbow-heart onesie.People say you will not understand the love a parent has for their own child until you have your own, and is super cliche and oversaid, but it is true. Don’t get me wrong, being a father comes with many challenges (lack of sleep, personal time, the list goes on), but over the course of a year, Noa has taught me so much and the everyday great moments with her demolish any of the tough days. Being a good father to Noa will likely be my greatest accomplishment in life. I want to inspire her, motivate her, teach her, guide her, and support her in becoming a secure confident person in this world. Plus, having a buddy that I get to jog with, swim with, and lift with (at my home gym), is a pretty sweet bonus!

Cheers to all of the first time dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!

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