Behind the Scenes with Our Camp Rentals

Ever wonder what we do with camp rentals that come back from their adventures with you? Well, we’re giving you the scoop on how we maintain our awesome equipment and keep our gear ready for your next trip! 

Our equipment is tough enough to handle the elements, and you lovely renters always take good care of them. When they come back, we give them some more TLC so future renters can enjoy their camping trips with the same high-quality gear.

The first thing we do is give our sleeping bags a bath from a professional wash and dry service. We ship them out to the pros to get them washed, cleaned, and dried for their next exciting trips. Then, our sleeping pads are inflated so we can dust and wipe down the left over dust and dirt from camp. They’re also inspected for any holes from renegade rocks. When you rent out your sleeping pad, you can be sure that they’re hole-free and ready to spend a night (or seven) under the stars.

Sleeping pad nap testing is serious business.

When our tents come back, we hang them up to dry off any morning dew, then give em a good ol' shake out to get rid of dust and dirt. Our bigger tents are often set up to make sure no one forgot their favorite sunglasses or their left shoe. After they’re set up and aired out, we tuck them all away until you take them to your favorite camp site.

Our buyers love these tents. Just ask our camp buyer, Lynell. Actually, we already did for you:

"We've picked best sellers and top performers so you can do anything from all weather camping to climbing Mt. Rainer. I really like the Hubba NX tent from MSR, which is the tent to beat in the backpacking tent world. We also picked fun family tents from Mountain Hardware and the North Face that we think will give you an enjoyable experience and will make you want to do it again."

Our stafflete, Brian, shakin' it out with our tents.

Stoves are checked up for cooking grease and leftover nachos. After wiping that down, we test all of the burners to make sure you can cook your world-famous camp out chili when you rent yours out.

"We chose stoves to fit any one from family camper to super experienced backpacker. We've got stoves like jet boils, family camping stoves, pocket rockets," says Lynell, "So now, someone who flies into the area can check one out and do any type of trip they want to do."

Psst...This YETI cooler is available for rent too!

All of our rental equipment from backpacks to bikes to hammocks (yes, we do rent those!) get the VIP pampering and cleaning treatment. Our buyers hand picked all of our equipment rentals and we continue to take care of them so that you're renting the cleanest, highest quality camp gear. So if you’re doing a quick camp getaway, are new to camping, or just need a few extra supplies for your friends, renting our camping and hiking equipment is the perfect solution. 

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