Bay Area Virtual Fondo presented by Sports Basement, Wahoo and Fulgaz

Join in on the 'must-ride' Bay Area Virtual Fondo presented by 

Sports Basement, Wahoo and FulGaz!

Embark on a 5 stage virtual ride journey through some of the most iconic rides in the Bay Area.


Stage 1: Sausalito to Marin Headlands
Stage 2: Old La Honda - Portola Valley
Stage 3: Mount Umunham
Stage 4: Montebello Road, Saratoga
Stage 5: Mount Diablo (Queen Stage)


The course is just as you would think...with real world terrain and the Bay Area feel via FulGaz. This virtual fondo includes in-ride leader boards so you can race your friends in stunning 4K on iOS, Windows and Android! Join in on an EPIC tour of the Bay Area from the comfort of your home.

Pedal into 2021 with a bang. Hop on your Wahoo trainer and tap into FulGaz and join us for an iconic cycling experience, all throughout the Bay Area the home of Sports Basement.


Have any questions? Contact Bec at to get help.

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  • Trevor Stokes says...

    Renger Jellema – I don’t think an overall leader board would mean very much until every one has done every ride.

    On January 08, 2021
  • Fransbert Schermer says...

    I did stage 3 today on my Kickr Core. Put all (trainer feel, slope scale) at 100% but I had to ride on my big front wheel (50) instead riding at my 34/34 that i specially installed for the beginning of this steep climb. So not really realistic again (like in my first ride)….. Then needed wattage for the speed are realistic, but the gearing is not….. Do you have tips otherwise Fulgaz is not a realistic platform for me.

    On January 07, 2021
  • Alex Musso says...

    The problem of the list of leaders.
    I am going to explain the problem in 2 parts. The FulGaz App has a source of parameters that can be changed, and must be adjusted before riding.

    The second problem is that people do not want to read instructions. It should be noted that the instructions are on the Fulgaz website and can be accessed through the app by clicking on Help & Feedback.

    On January 07, 2021
  • Renger Jellema says...


    Is there an overall leaderboard? I can only find the leaderboard for each individual ride.

    Thanks, Renger.

    On January 07, 2021
  • Jonathan says...

    Could you / Fulgaz be more proactive in removing aberrational times from the top of each stage, please? For example in stage 1 there are some times posted which imply a pace 20%-30% quicker than that at which the pro peloton moves.

    On January 07, 2021

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