Basementeer Spotlight: YMCA San Francisco


The Y is here for San Francisco, here for families, here for you, here for good.

The Y has always responded to the community needs of the time. Today, the YMCA of San Francisco, having served the Bay Area community for nearly 170 years, is responding to urgent community needs through programming developed to safely and supportively help youth, families and seniors.  

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Engaging Youth through Academic Support and Nature Programs

The Y knew immediately that equitable childcare for essential workers would be crucial during Shelter-In-Place. Our youth programming across the city worked to create safe spaces for parents to send their youth. The Y continues to provide parents assurance that their children are safe in 12-person three-week cohorts.

“I don’t know how families are doing it. I’m at capacity right now. Having this support is incredibly helpful, and a game changer.”

- Tanya, Pop-Up YKids Parent April 2020

Now with schools closed for the fall, and parents needing support with distance learning, the Y has launched Learning Camps and Virtual Academic programs to ensure access to learning and technology can reach all communities.

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Supporting Community Health

Since Shelter-In-Place, the Y knew keeping our members healthy in mind, body, and spirit was crucial. We launched virtual group exercise classes within two weeks of having to close our gym facilities. We now offer more than 55 online wellness class programs weekly, with thousands enrolled in Virtual Group Exercise and Active Older Adults online classes.

Recently, we launched Outdoor Wellness programs that now offer classes and opportunities for members to connect -- from a safe distance -- at the Presidio, Stonestown, Peninsula and Marin Ys. We have hula, tennis and boot camp outdoor classes, to name a few! 

“I want to thank you and the Y team for the start of the new outdoor workout program. I have taken two cycle classes and it was the most wonderful feeling to be part of a live group exercise class again and see familiar faces.


The health check in protocol is done so efficiently and staff and members respect/implement the distancing and PPE measures.


I look forward to more classes being added, but in the meantime I will pedal my heart out in the parking lot of the Presidio Y, whatever the weather! All the very best, and thank you again.”

- Patty, Outdoor Group Exercise participant

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Staying Connected to our Seniors 

The Y has always been a haven for seniors to stay connected to the community and healthy living. Maintaining social distance has led to social isolation issues for many seniors who have compromised immune systems. The YMCA of San Francisco has responded by launching senior service connectors, providing grocery delivery, technology support programs, trivia nights and more to make sure our seniors are taken care of. 

“You can tell how anxious everyone is when we meet up virtually. We can’t wait to be doing this in person. That’s what everyone says.”

- John, a 74-year-old senior program participant, about virtual gatherings 

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Help support the work of the YMCA of San Francisco in keeping our community safe, healthy and connected.

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