Basementeer Spotlight: Walnut Creek Education Foundation

Provided by the Walnut Creek Education Foundation

Thank to Sports Basement's Basementeers the Walnut Creek Education Foundation received over $15,000 this year!

Foundations like ours allow families to invest in your child's education with tax-deductible donations and, ultimately, invest in our community. Well-funded schools don't just create well-rounded, prepared graduates. Good schools connect our community, maintain property values, and produce the next generation of thoughtful, engaged leaders.

Back in 1983, when everyone else was talking about Cabbage Patch Kids and Return of the Jedi, drastic budget cuts, voter decisions, and a recession threatened our public schools. In response, a group of concerned parents and extraordinary volunteers formed The Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF TK-12) as a nonprofit to fundraise for the district.​

Well, 38 years later, both the funding gap and WCEF still exist.

Led by passionate (and compassionate) volunteers, our board is comprised of parents, educators, and community members who continue the fight to uphold the quality of our public schools.

We have representatives from all schools in the Walnut Creek School District and Las Lomas High School. More than 90 percent of the funds we raise go directly to the schools we serve. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and our tax ID number is 94-2915151. A multilingual description of WCEF can be downloaded here.

9th & 10th grade

Students have an additional elective class period with multiple choices across all subjects, four world language options, and multiple career tech opportunities.

11th & 12th grade

By the time your child gets to their final two years at LLHS, they will have two additional elective periods BEYOND what the state requires and more elective choice across all subjects as well as the opportunity to take four years of world language, social sciences, math and science, not funded by the state.​

  • Electives - Classes students select to take. While the state requires a certain number of electives to graduate (65), Las Lomas offers more than 20 classes in the visual and performing arts, the chance to take two world languages simultaneously, etc. More electives mean more choice for students to explore areas of interest, smaller class sizes, and pathways that reach all students and their interests.
  • Career Pathways - A sequence of courses to prepare a student for a profession, technical college, military career, and/or certification.
  • AP Classes - College-level classes developed by the college board also knows as Advanced Placement. Students gain exposure to college-level courses and may receive college credit before graduating high school. Some graduates have even entered their first year of college with enough units to qualify as a sophomore.



Classes at Las Lomas are driven by student interest.

Additional funding through WCEF means your student is more likely to receive their first choice of classes resulting in a wide range of options, including four years of visual and performing arts, world languages, journalism, sports medicine, international cuisine, forensic science, and more. To view the course catalog, visit

13 additional classes across all subject areas.

From art to music, science to math, English to social studies, electives like journalism and sports medicine, as well as four world languages (French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish — unheard of at public schools!).

Donations give opportunity to Las Lomas students.

Every student must complete specific graduation requirements, but donations to WCEF give Las Lomas students opportunities to go beyond requirements in many choices across all subjects.

Get college credit, now.

For those looking at UC/CSU and selective private universities and colleges, your student can take Advanced Placement classes in all subjects: including world languages, four years of advanced and rigorous math, sciences, English, and the arts rivaling, if not exceeding private schools.

Now offering a Medical Careers pathway.

Las Lomas also offers career readiness through the Medical Careers pathway. It's a new course track for those interested in healthcare!

Every student has their own interests.

And Las Lomas offers career tech pathways in auto engineering, entertainment, construction, medical, sports medicine, and hospitality.

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