Basementeer Spotlight: The Crayon Initiative

We're extremely proud to support The Crayon Initiative in bringing joy to kids in hospitals through the creative gift of free crayons. See how you can be part of this wonderful mission by recycling—and bicycling—with us.



Every year, The Crayon Initiative recycles millions of used crayons that would otherwise go to landfills—and turns them into bright new crayons for donating to kids in more than 240 children's hospitals across the U.S.

Studies show that children's art therapy can reduce heart rates, improve cognition, release endorphins and alleviate stress. In fact, most young patients take The Crayon Initiative's crayons home with them as the happiest part of their stay. Over 500,000 kids have already benefited, and this year more than 3 million people will pitch in to help. Click here to learn more at



Recycle your old crayons at Sports Basement! Drop off your old crayons all year round at any Sports Basement location. We'll put them to very good use.

Join the Sumner Lovin' Memorial Bike Ride! Sports Basement is sponsoring the best bike ride of the summer, to benefit The Crayon Initiative. This Memorial ride is being held in honor of Steve Sumner, who we lost in 2020. A wonderful family man, husband, and father, Steve was a driving force on the board of The Crayon Initiative. His generous spirit lit up our entire community, and his passion for helping children kept everyone's wheels turning. We hope to see you and your family on May 16th, having fun for a cause Steve cherished: recycling old crayons into new smiles for hospitalized kids.

Click to donate and ride in Steve's honor. Basementeers receive 10% off their registration when using the promo code: “SB10off”. Register here!


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