Basementeer Spotlight: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

We're incredibly excited to have the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) as a Basementeer beneficiary and partner. Learn more about them (from them!) and how you can support below:


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition works to transform San Francisco’s streets and neighborhoods into safe, just, and livable places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. 

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition works in partnership with government agencies and community partners to deliver safe, inviting, and bikeable streets for all San Franciscans.

With 10,000 members, the SF Bicycle Coalition is the largest city-based bicycle advocacy group in the nation and one of the largest membership-based groups in San Francisco. 


Advocacy: The SF Bicycle Coalition advocates for everyone’s equitable access to safe, affordable, and healthy transportation to create a just city. From the Presidio to Crocker Amazon and from the Outer Sunset to the Bayview, their team of talented community organizers works closely with their members, local stakeholders, City staff, and elected officials throughout San Francisco to advance better streets in all our neighborhoods and encourage more people to bike. From spot improvements to protected bike lanes, the SF Bicycle Coalition is working hard to improve your ride.

Bike It Forward: Transportation is the second biggest expense in a family budget, and families in San Francisco feel that cost acutely. Biking is an accessible, affordable choice for those looking to avoid high transportation costs. The SF Bicycle Coalition has been working with community groups around San Francisco to provide donated bikes to neighborhood residents through their Bike It Forward program. Since 2015, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has given away over 1,000 bicycles.

Education: The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to be the leading local resource for street safety. They reach tens of thousands of people every year, from toddlers through adults, with free bicycle education classes and resources. Since the pandemic began, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has seen a nearly 200% increase in the number of people attending their (now virtual or socially distant) bike education classes. Sign up for a class and learn how to get comfortable and confident on the road. 


Bike Match: During COVID-19, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has launched Bike Match in San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Bike Match was started in New York by Transportation Alternatives, and connects people who have bikes they’re no longer using with people who need a bike. This allows the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to continue their work towards transportation justice, making sure everyone has access to affordable transportation while following the city’s shelter-in-place order. Since the program launched in April 2020, dozens of bikes have already been matched.

Bike to Wherever Day: Every year, thousands of San Franciscans celebrate Bike to Work Day by choosing to commute by bike. With reduced transportation options during the pandemic, more people than ever before are turning to biking as a safe and healthy transportation option for everyday trips and recreation. That’s why this year, Bike to Work Day is becoming Bike to Wherever Day!


There are so many ways to support SFBC in their mission to transform San Francisco streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places. And if you feel inspired by the work of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, join the movement and become a member today! Visit their website for more opportunities to get involved.

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