Basementeer Spotlight: Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation


Thanks to our Basementeers we were able to give $6,606 to the Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation this year!

The funds donated by Sports Basement to MPAEF are included in the annual grant given each year to the Menlo Park City School District. These donations fund dozens of critical programs at each school site including:

  • Specialist teachers in art, music, science, PE, and library programs
  • Professional development training for all 300+ district teachers
  • Psychologists and counselors at each school site
  • Cutting edge STEM programs in the classroom and 37 elective programs at the middle school.

Please join us and our community of parents, teachers, businesses, and local residents as we ensure that every child has an enriching and multi-faceted educational experience in the Menlo Park City School District. With your donations, we can continue to enable excellence in our schools by investing in arts and science, innovation and technology, guidance and wellness, and our teachers and their professional development.

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