Basementeer Partner Spotlight: 510 Hikers

510 Hikers logoSports Basement is proud to partner with the 510 Hikers! 510 Hikers is a Bay Area hiking community that encourages underrepresented Bay Area residents to the outdoors for hiking, exploration and community. 




About 510 Hikers

510 Hikers aims to connect underrepresented Bay Area residents and families to nature by organizing weekly hikes that inspire participants to lead healthier, connected lives, all while motivating positive change in neighborhoods and building a safe, thriving diverse community of the best in the Bay. All fitness levels are welcome, all genders, and all reasons for wanting to come out and enjoy community and the challenge of hiking for a fitter, healthier self. We want everyone to feel free to come how they are with a come what may attitude. Hiking is about being free to wander, it's about exploration and coloring outside the lines.

If you'd like to support or join 510 Hikers reach out to Nicholas Collins at



510 Hikers Group Picture


Upcoming Events

510 Hikers Unity of the Outdoor Hike Community

July 11th, at 8:15am beginning at the Chabot Space & Science Center

From their event description:

510 Hikers believe in this most critical time for the world that the healing power of nature and community is essential!! People are connecting all around the globe of different ethnicities and creed and everything else to fight a common enemy of hate and racism. So, on July 11th 510 Hikers will be connecting to keep the momentum going, continuing that fight and coming together to connect, heal, hike and have a moment of silence for those who have fallen victim to police brutality and hate. 

We have reached out to each local hike group that were once part of 510 Hikers (Heat and We Are Family Wellness and Hiking Honeys to name a few) to invite them out. We are better as a community when the community is together. And preaching community holds little weight unless the entire community is invited and involved. Unity isn’t always just with those you agree with on everything. This Bay Area Hike community is all family and it’s the perfect time to show togetherness against the real enemy. We hope everyone participates and we have sent messages of love to leaders to join in show like the globe has show, solidarity against hate and systematic racism.



510 hikers holding hands in a circle



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